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Percayian Dex Archieve V.1.2


No visual changes other than the completion of dex, but I programmed this such that it read from an external xml file instead of having all the data inside the actionscript itself.

Some notes on the pokedex:

- There are new Pokemon include:
[]Dirtrat and Antiarbok
[]Shrimplet and Lobclaw
[]Batriseed, Wirevine, Circuitree and Circuitflow
[]Xylopole, Songfrog and Minotoad
[]Bryjewel, Pixjewel and Anjewel
[]Snailava and Jinncense
[]Dirtdog, Digdig and Dogtection
[]Frillizard and Brellazard
[]Grimnome, Grimbone and Zerkfolk
[]Owoocle and Wareagle
[]Nymphlett, Damseldra and Yamaragon

-Old Pokemon in this dex may be of a Percayian Variant, where they may have different abilities, level-up set and even appearance!
For example, a Percayian Cherrim is a Grass/Fire type, as compared to Sinnoh's being just a Grass type.

-Their name are not changed, but there may be misspellings. Let me know is there are any.

But now, it looks like it's stuck on the loading page. Must be because the xml hasn't been loaded up yet, but the loading screen accounts for only whether the flash file itself has been loaded up or not.
[ADDED] Just found out that the loading bar starts and being stretched towards the end of the screen before shrinking down to about 100% size.

And now, the loading bar is forever empty. Maybe I missed out something? Actually, it's more of a brief flash of 100% before going to 0%. Actually, it seems like after going to 100%, it reverts back to 0% instead of going to another screen.

I think the problem is that it has no XML file to load; This is more likely to be the case as I seperated the loading screen such that it loads the flash file, then the xml file.

Apparantly, the external xml file isn't supposed to be loaded up for security reasons, acording to [link]

On the other hand, the problem could lie in the URLrequest, where it's direct my xml files on my D:drive when it's supposed to be from a html path. [link]. If that's the case, I'll might as well fix it once I've completed making the concept of the new Pokemon.

[ADDED] YES! IT WORKED! I just submit my first xml data to deviantart and it reads the main Pokemon. Now I'll combine both and update the dex.

Now, to do the following:
-Finish the concepts of new pokemon
-Rework on Owoocle and Wareagle, cause as an owl and eagle Pokemon respectely, I already visualize them as Noctowl and Braviary :/
-Add in all the Pokemon's images
Pokemon is (c) from Game Freak, Nintendo.
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