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The Lovely Test Tube by PikachuPuddingXD The Lovely Test Tube :iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 17 0 Where's my badge? by PikachuPuddingXD Where's my badge? :iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 7 2 Pistachio (Contest Entry) by PikachuPuddingXD Pistachio (Contest Entry) :iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 7 5 Object Pet Peeves - the fandom's depiction of Bow by PikachuPuddingXD Object Pet Peeves - the fandom's depiction of Bow :iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 8 26 Object Pet Peeves - Pickle's Ethnicity by PikachuPuddingXD Object Pet Peeves - Pickle's Ethnicity :iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 11 44 Object Pet Peeves - The Bickel Shipping by PikachuPuddingXD Object Pet Peeves - The Bickel Shipping :iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 6 45
(STORY DUMP) Five Nights at MePhone's
~Fan's P.O.V, Night 1, 12 AM~
I took a deep breath as I sat down in my office chair. Tonight was my first night working at MePhone4's Pizza as the security guard. Sure, the pay wasn't the best, but I needed to get money somehow to get that tablet I had my eye set on for a while now.
I just wonder why they need security  for a place like this. Who cares if the cast likes to walk around the place at night? It's not like they need a bedtime or anything.
Suddenly, the phone went off. "Hello, hello?" A guy's voice said on the other line.
Was that Baseball? "Hello?" I echoed.
"Uh, I wanted to record a message to help you get settled in on your first Night."
So it's a recorded message. I thought. As I tried to listen to Base-ball blabbering on, I took a look around the office; A cupcake identical to the one Toilet has. A poster that had MePhone & Co. With the word, "Celebrate!" plastered over the top. There was a door on each of my left&right, both complimented with windows.
The bite of
:iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 13 29
At the coffee shop (Human! Fan x reader)
You were at the local coffee shop one afternoon. You had just finished a massive grocery shopping spree & decided to wind-down with a nice warm drink. As you were waiting for your drink, a spot of red suddenly caught your eye. You discovered the red spot was the hair of a teenage boy, typing away on a laptop.
You were only able to see the side of his face, but you could tell he was some type of Asian; most likely Korean. He wore a red T-shirt & a yellow hoodie. You thought he had quite the amount of color to him.
When they called out your order, you quickly snapped out of your trance & walked up to grab your drink. -But you weren't the only one grabbing ahold of it. The other person who was holding it was the boy you had just seen. Both of your faces went to a bright shade of pink.
"Oh crap, sorry!" You quickly blurted out, taking your hand off the cup. "I must have ordered the same thing as you." You forced an awkward smile on your face.
The boy suddenly grew a warm smile on his face,
:iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 18 22
I love you (A Toilet x MePad fanfiction)
The sun was slowly enjoying its last few seconds on the horizon. MePad had stood there, watching calmly as the wind caressed the violet tips of his hair.
"MePad," A British voice called out. It took MePad not even a second to guess who is was. It was Toilet, who made his way up to him.
"Oh, hello, Toilet." The tall android said. "The sunset looks quite radiant, don't you agree?"
"Yeah." The boy agreed sheepishly, pawing his foot at the ground as a faint blush came across his face.
"Is there something wrong?" Toilet suddenly put his arms around him. "I don't understand. What's with the sudden act of affection?"
"You know how I was talkin' to ya about me always gettin' the hogwash from Mista Phone?" The white-haired boy looked up into his eyes. "It's just that… I just don't get why he nevah appreciates the hard work & effort I do." Droops of water began to leak down from his eyes, running down his cheeks.
"Yes. I'm very sorry MePhone treats you like that. If only I could help, thou
:iconpikachupuddingxd:PikachuPuddingXD 20 35


Fairy Tales: Little Mermaid by Axsens Fairy Tales: Little Mermaid :iconaxsens:Axsens 5,148 141 Human Liy by gabby0004 Human Liy :icongabby0004:gabby0004 45 18 When You Receive Actual Affection by Art-Tart-Taffyness When You Receive Actual Affection :iconart-tart-taffyness:Art-Tart-Taffyness 79 50 Gacha Results #1 by SmallKittyUniverse Gacha Results #1 :iconsmallkittyuniverse:SmallKittyUniverse 14 7 @ the Beach by Art-Tart-Taffyness @ the Beach :iconart-tart-taffyness:Art-Tart-Taffyness 27 4 Hawbett by dollieguts Hawbett :icondollieguts:dollieguts 114 0 Banned Books by Art-Tart-Taffyness Banned Books :iconart-tart-taffyness:Art-Tart-Taffyness 28 7 LiyLoser by Art-Tart-Taffyness LiyLoser :iconart-tart-taffyness:Art-Tart-Taffyness 34 9 Angry Baby Chain by Art-Tart-Taffyness Angry Baby Chain :iconart-tart-taffyness:Art-Tart-Taffyness 29 12 Scary World { epilepsy warning | oc: ramin / xiuku by schizosvenia Scary World { epilepsy warning | oc: ramin / xiuku :iconschizosvenia:schizosvenia 196 10 TROC 5 Challenge 1 ''Red Hot Uncle'' by TheTGrodz TROC 5 Challenge 1 ''Red Hot Uncle'' :iconthetgrodz:TheTGrodz 17 0 Hollow Knight - Hornet by PinkiesClone Hollow Knight - Hornet :iconpinkiesclone:PinkiesClone 11 0 eyy im getting used to it by MiniKaiju eyy im getting used to it :iconminikaiju:MiniKaiju 6 0 Enid Doodles by Art-Tart-Taffyness Enid Doodles :iconart-tart-taffyness:Art-Tart-Taffyness 29 6 Wakana Ananan Blackeyes by dollieguts Wakana Ananan Blackeyes :icondollieguts:dollieguts 185 2 (Fake Screenshot) Meeting the Ur-Ghast by Art-Tart-Taffyness (Fake Screenshot) Meeting the Ur-Ghast :iconart-tart-taffyness:Art-Tart-Taffyness 27 10




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So it looks like our good ol' friend, AudioOutput is doing another giveaway thing. Here's a link to the journal if anyone's interested:

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