Nerf Guns(Switzerland x Tomboy!Reader)

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Published: September 27, 2012
Vash walked out onto his front porch, sitting down to enjoy the sunset when he heard the wheels of a skateboard.'Oh great what is it?' He thought as he stood up to see who was doing what.

He saw a figure, wearing baggy cloths, black high-tops, and a baseball cap, that figure was holding a nerf gun.'Oh great, another idiot moved in next door' He though as the figure skated closer. Vash heard another voice, an annoying one for that matter, it was a girl, a mean one for that matter, her name was (Insert mean girl's name).

The figure skated past his house and in-front of (IMGN)'s house." Ewww, why are you here?" She asked.

The figure smirked and went past her, shooting her right in between the eyes with a nerfdart, covered in mayo."For that!" The figure said in a .....Girlish...? Voice.

"Ewww! Like what is this?"

"Pfft mayo!"

"Ewww(Y/N) Thats sooooo gross!"

"Man up!"

(Y/N) skated away giving a smirk to Vash as she left. Vash had a rather shocked expression on his face. 'Who was that girl?' He though as his younger sister waved at you.

"Hello (Y/N)!" Lily said waving and smiling.

"Sup Lily!" You yell back and put your foot down, stopping you from moving. You pop the board up with your toe and carry it up to the porch and hug Lily."How ya doing Stinker?" You ask her, making her giggle.

"I'm doing vary well, thank you for asking (Y/N). Have you met my brother Vash yet?" She asked you, tilting her head.Vash blushes lightly when your eyes meet his and you smiles.

"I don't think I 'ave, I'm(Y/N), Nice to meet ya" You say giving him a firm handshake.

"Vash... It's nice to meet you too." He replies, blushing. Lily can see that he liked you so she went up befind you and pushed you into Vash, making you both blush."S-sorry (Y/N)."

"Aww shucks its fine lover boy!" You reply laughing when-BAM! Lily pushes your two lips together. When Vash felt your lips and his meet he felf like he was in heaven. He couldn't believe it. He was kissing a girl he just met and he already loves her?! He started kissing you, and became shocked when you started kissing back.

Now this was your first kiss, and boy were you slap happy. Lily was clapping happily in the background when al of a sudden, an awesome voice came up behind her.

"Hey look Roddy! Vashy got a girlfriend!" Gilbert inter-fears with your kiss.

"Oh Calm down!" Roderich replied, rolling his eyes.

"Both y'all shut your faces!" You growl.
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Yeah, I hope Y'all liked it

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LuckDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
I tried skateboarding once. I fell backwards and hurt meh bum.
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*pulls out another nerf gun and gives it to vash*
Me:shall we get payback on those guys
*me and vash chase roderich and co.*
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BTTholbytlannaHobbyist Writer
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3L3M3NTAL-BLAD3Hobbyist General Artist
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FlamingShadowWolfStudent General Artist
Lily should open her own store. Call it Lily 's Matchmaking Service. Perfect Couples since 1806.
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ChibiOtaku67Hobbyist Writer
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Victoria-Walker925Student Writer
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12345cecilieaHobbyist Digital Artist
.......relly you again
Victoria-Walker925's avatar
Victoria-Walker925Student Writer
Trust me, I have NO LIFE and TOO MUCH TIME to waste xD
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12345cecilieaHobbyist Digital Artist
Why do you think im here...T-T
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Victoria-Walker925Student Writer
aww... :( :soothe: V2 Hug 
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12345cecilieaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy) [V1] hug Chili Anime Emoji (Snuggy hug) [V2] Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
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Poetry-VentingHobbyist Photographer
Me: excuse me for a moment *turns around* 
Gil: kesesesese what are you gonna do, little girl?
Rod: hmph. Stupid child.
Gil: yeah, what he said!
Me: *roundhouse kicks rod in the chin*
Rod: *mole comes flying off* m-my mole!
Me: *turns around* *shoves a dumbledore figurine up gil's ass*
Gil: *sCREAMS*
Me: *kicks straight up and busts his chin*
Gil: m-mein gott....*falls over*
Vash: holy shit.
Me: now....where were we?
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mcedillo2002Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Lily, the little matchmaker. 
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kittygirl303Student Traditional Artist
If he did  that i would have kicked him in the face or in the side
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DemonLordessGhiraherHobbyist General Artist
I talk and act exactly like that xD
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ChibiOtaku67Hobbyist Writer
i talk and act exactly the opposite! PLUS i'm no good with nerf guns. i'm fine with the bow though.
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And pressie you are dead~~!
Big bro: you should probably run for your life now.
prussia:*is deaded*
La la la~
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I think I died.....yep. died.
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Hetalian-CanadaHobbyist General Artist
*pulls a rifle that matches Switzerland's*
Slovakia(oc): You might want to run...
Prussia: Crap...
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Ray711Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Czech Republic(OC): Bruder! I will kill you!
Prussia: Crap.... *runs away*
CR: *Follows in close pursuit of Prussia*
Vash and I: :iconanimekissplz:
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PeacebuggyHobbyist General Artist
Me: *purple aru* Brother... you inturubted  perfect moment!
Prussia: O snap *starts running while I chase him*
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