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Pokemon Essentials Icon Pack - ORAS UPDATE!

This pack contains all static Icons up to ORAS and all SHINY ICONS (I made them one by one :D ) with also some gender differences.
I included all the mirrored asymmetric Pokémon icons (Extra/Reflex).
If there is something wrong tell me and I will fix it :) .

Extract and merge the folder with Graphics/Icons in your Pokémon Essentials folder.
(Icons in the "Extra" folder must be properly indexed via scripts to make them work)
If you don't have Pokemon Essentials you can download it here…

-Fixed few coloration errors
-Replaced some older icons with new ORAS ones (Steelix, Metagross, Ludicolo, ...)
-Added new megas and archeoGroudon/Kyogre (now megaSlowbro is included -.-')
-Crystal megaSteelix, megaSableye with different gems and a megaCharizardX colored Salamence (I personally love it ^^) has been added into the Extra folder  

You should give credits.

Pokemon Essentials by Peter 0. and Maruno, based on work by Flameguru
Shiny icons by Pikachumazzinga (me)
Pokémon is © Nintendo
© 2014 - 2022 Pikachumazzinga
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The download isn't working hhhhhh