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Chapter One
Hands of Time
Mega Kat City, February sixth 2010...10am

A lone figure stands on a mountain ridge high above the bustling city, black hair flowing in the breeze,

golden eyes observing a long since forgotten sight, the figure turned and moved back into the side of

the mountain, a smile gracing its lips as a slender hand rose up and brushed along a jet.

"Finally, crime will end, the city shall have a guardian now." the soft but hoarse voice

sighed softly in tones almost long since forgotten by the sands of time. Slowly the figure made its

way into another room, the opposite lender hand moving to flick on a light switch, it was a large room

with a bench with held a pair of knee high leather boots with a five inch heel, a mirror which now

reflected the form of a beautiful twenty one year old woman with long black hair, bright golden eyes,

black feline ears, a long, thin, graceful, black feline tail that wavered behind her, she was a tall

she-kat of around five foot eleven inch's tall, about one hundred and fifty pounds, a lithely slender

form, muscular, yet built like a gymnast, and a locker which the name plate read 'Star Fire', she smiled

wryly and opened it, inside was: a uniform, black with purple markings, a utility belt, mask, helmet, a

glove weapon arms with small missiles and nets, also equipped with a deflector shield, and a small

portable oxygen tank, in case of to high an altitude, or need of rushing into a burning building,

equipped with a light but effective oxygen mask, she pulled out the uniform and unzipped its front

sitting on the bench she slid her tightly jeaned legs in and stood up pulling on the sleeves she fixed it

and pulled on the zipper zipping the uniform tightly shut, fixing the collar she then pulled on the utility

belt, snapping the clasp shut, she pulled from on of its many pouches a pair of half gloves, pulling

them on a smirk played across her lips, she then clipped the small tank onto her belt and clipped the

equipped mask over where her heart was, next she pulled her hair back into a pony-tail, before tying

on her mask and then she sat on the bench again pulling on the heeled boots, she stood once more

and pulled on her helmet, now she was finished. She moved and looked her self over in the mirror, an

approving nod following suit, she cleared her throat "Not bad for a rookie to put together." her soft

voice sighed, the hoarseness of it fading now, she moved to the doorway and clicked off the light

before moving to the jet, again she cleared her throat, "Today, ThunderKat, is your first day

out, let us hope it is a good one.
" now her soft voice sighed as if wind through a willows

branch's, she mounted the ladder and climbed into the cockpit, once seated she hit a switch

retracting the ladder, as if retracted she buckled her seat belt, once the ladder compartment sealed,

she clicked a switch closing the cockpit, after which she began to initiate the engine sequence,

watching her gauges as the engines lite, all three coming to life easily "fuel levels green, heat

shields holding, systems are green for take off.
" sighed the soft voice now more accustomed

to being used. A slender hand moved and clicked up another switch opening the hanger door

"engines are hot and ready to go, lets see how she does." the voice sighed again,

moving the throttle forward giving the engines enough power and force the jet shot up the ramp way

into the air she then clicked the switch down closing the hidden hanger door so it once more looked

like a normal mountain side "Lets see what you got 'Thunder-Kat' " sighed the voice

of the young woman as she pushed the throttle forward more, she could already feel the adrenaline

pumping through her veins as she made her way towards the dessert to really open the engines and

test the weapons systems before actually engaging in aerial combat, Star Fire carefully skirted

around the city thought she didn't know it some had seen her and made a call, In a junk yard on the

other side of the city two very unlikely tom-kats picked up the call "Yes Ms. Briggs?" came the deep

burly voice "SWAT Kats I don't know if you know if you know this but there's a strange jet

heading out towards the dessert
" came the light and sweet voice of Miss Briggs. The

Tom-kat looked to her partner who nodded that it was true "We'll check it out Ms.

" answered the burly voiced tom-kat "thanks guys and be careful." the tom-kat

grinned to his partner "lets light 'em and burn 'em" the softer voiced tom-kat said

"Come on Jake move your tail! Finally some excitement on such a boring day!" called

the burly voiced tom-kat, "Alright, Alright! I'm comin' Chance just hold onto your fur!"

Jake answered his friend as they hastily climbed down the ladder into their own hanger and rushed

to their lockers here they retrieved their own uniforms, jump suits of navy blue with red markings, half

gloves, belts, masks, and helmets. Now mind you, Chance was a well muscled tom-kat, and a real

flirt, but when it came to being a hero, Chance knew where he stood. Jake, on the other hand, was a

more petite tom-kat who favored brain over brawn any day and was one hell of a sure-shot, he knew

when to be a hero, and when to cool the proverbial jets, but he sure had a thing for Miss Callie

Briggs, The deputy mayor. Once in uniform he looked over "You ready T-bone?" he

said and Chance answering to his handle grinned "Lets kick some tail, Razor." Jake nodded to his

own handle and they rushed to the launch pad where their jet the 'Turbo-Kat' was waiting it took

less then five minutes for them to jump in, buckle in, seal the cockpit and take off "So T-Bone, who do

you think it is, Dark Kat? Turmoil? Hard Drive?
" Razor said looking at his radar screen

"I dunno Razor, but they better have a good reason for being where they are!" he

answered "Ten-fore on that buddy" Razor answered. About ten minutes past, and

T-bone looked over his shoulder at Razor "Anything yet buddy?" he asked Razor, he

shook his head "no, noth..." a blip had appeared on screen "Yes, and who

ever it is, is heading for the run we usually make during testing.
" Razor said "Then

let's give the new guy a greeting
" T-bone answered increasing the power to the engines to

catch up to the other jet. "There they are Razor, let's say hello!" T-bone grinned Star

fire looked at her own radar screen as it blipped at her "Hm, some ones come out to play...i

wonder who they are?
" she mused to her self, and as if to dare them, slowed to allow them

to catch up to her, finally over the communications link she heard the deep burly voice "Playing

it smart by slowing down eh? Well, that's not gonna help, who are you? Identify your self and land if

you know what's good for ya!
" Star Fire smirked what a cocky tom-kat he is! Star Fire

nodded and answered "My name is Star Fire, Identify your self fellow pilot." she said

as she looked for a place to land, he responded "This is T-bone of the SWAT Kats, now I

repeat, LAND!!!
" Star Fire again nodded and found a flat spot big enough for both jets to fit,

now she answered with "Over there, it has enough room for two jets as I assume you will

wish to question me.
" she slowed for the landing listening to his reply "Damn

Straight i will girlie!
" she circled round and landed as if born to do so, the Turbo kat landing

with its nose facing the thunder kats nose, Star Fire sighed opening the cockpit and jumping down

moved to the center of the landing grounds, T-bone and Razor doing the same. "Alright hot

shot, what do you two want?" Star Fire said looking between T-bone and razor "First

off Girlie what are 'You' doing out here?
" T-bone shot back at her. Star Fire smirked

"You sure do like that word don't you? I am out here on a test run, as if it's any business of

" Razor winced "Oooh, she got you there buddy." he said "Oh

hush Razor, test run huh? what tests are you running?
" T-bone said Star Fire moved back

and ran a hand over her jet "its thunder kats first day in the air, have to make sure she

handles well and test her weapons systems, can't be a hero or guardian if your partner isn't up to

" she said "Oh-ho! Is that so, and what makes 'You' so sure this city doesn't

have hero's already?" T-bone answered " I'd have to agree there Star Fire."

Razor agreed, Star smiled "oh? And you two are those hero's huh?" T-bone smirked

"Yeah, we are, what makes you think 'YOU' have what it takes to be a hero?" he said

looking at her. "Seventeen years of pain and training" she answered her eyes taking

on a hard, cold tone as she watched them. "Tell you what girlie, you prove to us you can

handle it in a test and you can join razor and I as a SWAT Kat.
" T-bone said Star Fire eyed

him untrustingly as she thought a moment. "Fine, but don't expect me to trust you to quickly,

trust is earned.
" Razor and T-bone looked at each other then to her and nodded "We

can live with that and earn your trust.
" T-bone said and she nodded "Very well, lead

the way to the test.
" she said as she moved back to her jet jumping in, buckling in, and

sealing the cockpit, T-bone and Razor doing the same, both sets of engines roaring to life as both

jets took to the air. "Alright Star Fire. The first part of the test is a test of flight skill."

T-bone said over the communications link Star Fire nodded "Alright, lead the way and lets see

what you can do.
" she responded calmly as she took up her position at the right wing tip
Chapter one of the fan fiction.
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ulyferal Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I will say, you have written with enough details, emotions, and correct grammar to draw your readers in. I love your picture so really all that's left is to get this in the right format and it will be perfect.
PikachuLover1988 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you, i try to make my self feel as the character would.
ulyferal Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Which is exactly how you're supposed to do it. A writer who can get into their character's heads, writes an exceptional piece. Your only problem is a purely technical one.
PikachuLover1988 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
tell me about it, my HTML formatting hates me!
ulyferal Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
What in the heck did you do here???? Why is it space like that? You're broken up every shred of dialog making it look terrible and though you can read it, that doesn't make it remotely correct. If you looked at others writings that use correct format you would have better luck doing this right.
PikachuLover1988 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
-.- i think i liked your previous comment better.
CodyFurlong Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010
LOL, STar and T sure seem to be hitting it off pretty well.... The story does looks pretty good, though I did see where you used the word "sighed" quite a bit.
PikachuLover1988 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
its my damned rhyming thing it kicks in at the damnedest times that and when not provoked she can be quite the quiet one, i cant wait till i get to the actual part where she faces pastie for the first time and the fun that happens there.
CodyFurlong Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010
Hehehe me either, that'll be fun.
PikachuLover1988 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
trust me, your ribs will hurt when it comes to that part. i have it written out already so yeah...
CodyFurlong Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010
PikachuLover1988 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
-purr- trust me real rib hurter for a laugh
CodyFurlong Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
I'm already laughing!
PikachuLover1988 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
hehehe ^^ good!
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