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:iconpikachujenn:PikachuJenn posted a status
Me: Dad, can I have a Wacom Intuos Draw? It's cheap and good for beginners! 
My father: How can you see what you are drawing? You have to look at the computer. People have to have training [I think he meant "need to practice"] for that!

I've showed multiple reasons, and he just finds me an art app that is "the best", and I point out that you can't change the brush opacity/width and that the brush width doesn't change according to pressure because an iPad can't really do that. He. Won't. Change. His. Mind. 

Well, I get that he may want to save money, but still. It would be wonderful to find a reason that would actually persuade him, if you guys have any.

EDIT: I've convinced him... yay.

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