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:iconpikachujenn:PikachuJenn posted a status
In Mandarin Chinese, there is this word I hate. 两 usually means "two" in English, but it also has another meaning. 两 also means "some". 

Conversations between my mother using this word with me:

Mom: Run 两 laps around the neighborhood.
Me: Okay.
Mom: Now run five laps.
Me: You just said two!
Mom: No, 两 means more than two.

(I wish my mother meant two laps.)

Mom: Eat 两颗. (two pieces/whatever unit of food in this case)
Me: Okay. (eats two [insert unit] of food)
Mom: You're supposed to eat more!
Me: (says "ugh" in mind because my mother doesn't like it when I say that):bademoticon: Pikachu angry plz Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon  

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