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Magnificent! You really outdone yourself! It's amazing! Twilight Sparkle and Bloom are both the leaders on their own shows. Applejack a...

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Can You All Guess My Favorite Characters? by Pikachu-Train Can You All Guess My Favorite Characters? :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 4 11 Happy Birthday, Sailor Saturn [2019] by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Sailor Saturn [2019] :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 5 4 Bloom and Taiku Flying Together by Pikachu-Train Bloom and Taiku Flying Together :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 5 3 Happy Birthday, Tecna! [2018] by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Tecna! [2018] :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 7 3 Happy Birthday, Bloom! by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Bloom! :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 5 10 Happy Birthday, Sailor Jupiter! by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Sailor Jupiter! :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 7 12
D.W. the Picky Eater by Marc Brown
D.W. the Picky Eater
Written and Illustrated by
Marc Brown
D.W. and her brother, Arthur, were helping Mother unpack the groceries. "Yuck!" said D.W. "I'm not going to eat this!"
"You've never even tried it," said Mother.
"It's looking at me," said D.W. "I don't eat anything with eyes, or pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant, pineapple, parsnips, and cauliflower. Well... and maybe a few other things. I would never eat liver in a million years, and more than anything else in the whole world, I hate spinach!"
"Face it," said Arthur. "You are a picky eater."
On Wednesday, Father surprised D.W. when he packed her lunch for play group.
"Did you eat your sandwich?" he asked on the way home.
"It fell in the dirt," said D.W. "It was an accident."
Thursday at dinner, D.W. pretended to try the Hawaiian Shrimp.
"I saw that," whispered Arthur.
Emily invited D.W. to stay for dinner on Friday.
"We're having spaghetti!" said Emily.
"May I have mine plain, please?" asked D.W. "No sauce."
"That's the
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My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type by Pikachu-Train My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 4 3 Happy Birthday, Sailor Pluto! by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Sailor Pluto! :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 8 4 Happy Birthday, Sailor Venus! by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Sailor Venus! :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 9 7 Sailor Snow White and Sailor Cinderella [Jetlag] by Pikachu-Train Sailor Snow White and Sailor Cinderella [Jetlag] :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 4 5 Happy Birthday, Sailor Mercury by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Sailor Mercury :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 10 10 My 100 Item Meme - My 100 Favorite Things by Pikachu-Train My 100 Item Meme - My 100 Favorite Things :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 5 0
Imogene's Antlers by David Small
Imogene's Antlers
By David Small
On Thursday, when Imogene woke up, she found she had grown antlers.
Getting dressed was difficult, and going through a door now took some thinking.
Imogene started down for breakfast...
...but got hung up.
"OH!!" Imogene's mother fainted away.
The doctor poked, and prodded, and scratched his chin.
He could find nothing wrong.
The school principal glared at Imogene, but had no advice to offer.
Her brother, Norman, consulted the encyclopedia, and then announced that Imogene had turned into a rare form of miniature elk!
Imogene's mother fainted again and was carried upstairs to bed.
Imogene went into the kitchen. Lucy, the kitchen maid, had her sit by the oven to dry some towels.
"Lovely antlers," said Lucy.
The cook, Mrs. Perkins, gave Imogene a doughnut, then decked her out with several more and sent her into the garden to feed the birds.
"You'll be lots of fun to decorate, come Christmas!" said Mrs. Perkins.
Later, Imogene wandered upstairs. She found t
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Math Curse by Jon Scieszka
Math Curse
By Jon Scieszka
Illustrated by Lane Smith
On Monday in math class, Mrs. Fibonacci says, "You know, you can think of almost everything as a math problem."
On Tuesday, I start having problems.
I wake up at 7:15.
It takes me 10 minutes to get dressed, 15 minutes to eat my breakfast, and 1 minute to brush my teeth.
Suddenly, it's a problem:
1. If my bus leaves at 8:00, will I make it on time?
2. How many minutes in 1 hour?
3. How many teeth in 1 mouth?
I look in my closet, and the problems get worse.
I have 1 white shirt, 3 blue shirts, 3 striped shirts, and that 1 ugly plaid shirt my Uncle Zeno sent me.
1. How many shirts is that all together?
2. How many shirts would I have if I threw away that awful plaid shirt?
3. When will Uncle Zeno quit sending me such ugly shirts?
I'm getting a little worried. Everything seems to be a problem.
I take the milk out for my cereal and wonder:
1. How many quarts in a gallon?
2. How many pints in a quart?
3. How many inches in a foot?
4. How m
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Top 20 Favorite Raven-Haired Characters by Pikachu-Train Top 20 Favorite Raven-Haired Characters :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 10 2


Winx Club - 15 YEARS OF MAGIC by Bloom2 Winx Club - 15 YEARS OF MAGIC :iconbloom2:Bloom2 74 20 Tecna Charmix fairy by Bloom2 Tecna Charmix fairy :iconbloom2:Bloom2 62 17 The Red Queen by PurfectPrincessGirl The Red Queen :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 80 17 Ghibli Movie Night by Chance-To-Draw Ghibli Movie Night :iconchance-to-draw:Chance-To-Draw 74 8 Tecna Believix by user15432 Tecna Believix :iconuser15432:user15432 7 3 Zelda Hawthorne - commission by CristianoReina Zelda Hawthorne - commission :iconcristianoreina:CristianoReina 357 32 Bloom Layla and Tecna by user15432 Bloom Layla and Tecna :iconuser15432:user15432 24 5 Kiki Do You Love Me? by TheDroopySnoopy Kiki Do You Love Me? :iconthedroopysnoopy:TheDroopySnoopy 13 0 Winter Makoto 2019 by PerryWhite Winter Makoto 2019 :iconperrywhite:PerryWhite 59 9 Tecna Enchantix [Prototype] by Angelina-Pax Tecna Enchantix [Prototype] :iconangelina-pax:Angelina-Pax 26 4 Tecna Enchantix Wings by Angelina-Pax Tecna Enchantix Wings :iconangelina-pax:Angelina-Pax 6 0 Thoughts on Cinderella? (1965) by darknessawakens13 Thoughts on Cinderella? (1965) :icondarknessawakens13:darknessawakens13 1 1 Silk degrees by NFC2005 Silk degrees :iconnfc2005:NFC2005 27 4 Rikka - Gridman by chinchongcha Rikka - Gridman :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 1,253 37 Princess Emily by Toughset by coredumperror Princess Emily by Toughset :iconcoredumperror:coredumperror 73 22 Flying over ocean surface by Higeneko9 Flying over ocean surface :iconhigeneko9:Higeneko9 37 2




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