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Happy Birthday, Sailor Mercury by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Sailor Mercury :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 6 10 My 100 Item Meme - My 100 Favorite Things by Pikachu-Train My 100 Item Meme - My 100 Favorite Things :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 4 0
Imogene's Antlers by David Small
Imogene's Antlers
By David Small
On Thursday, when Imogene woke up, she found she had grown antlers.
Getting dressed was difficult, and going through a door now took some thinking.
Imogene started down for breakfast...
...but got hung up.
"OH!!" Imogene's mother fainted away.
The doctor poked, and prodded, and scratched his chin.
He could find nothing wrong.
The school principal glared at Imogene, but had no advice to offer.
Her brother, Norman, consulted the encyclopedia, and then announced that Imogene had turned into a rare form of miniature elk!
Imogene's mother fainted again and was carried upstairs to bed.
Imogene went into the kitchen. Lucy, the kitchen maid, had her sit by the oven to dry some towels.
"Lovely antlers," said Lucy.
The cook, Mrs. Perkins, gave Imogene a doughnut, then decked her out with several more and sent her into the garden to feed the birds.
"You'll be lots of fun to decorate, come Christmas!" said Mrs. Perkins.
Later, Imogene wandered upstairs. She found t
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Math Curse by Jon Scieszka
Math Curse
By Jon Scieszka
Illustrated by Lane Smith
On Monday in math class, Mrs. Fibonacci says, "You know, you can think of almost everything as a math problem."
On Tuesday, I start having problems.
I wake up at 7:15.
It takes me 10 minutes to get dressed, 15 minutes to eat my breakfast, and 1 minute to brush my teeth.
Suddenly, it's a problem:
1. If my bus leaves at 8:00, will I make it on time?
2. How many minutes in 1 hour?
3. How many teeth in 1 mouth?
I look in my closet, and the problems get worse.
I have 1 white shirt, 3 blue shirts, 3 striped shirts, and that 1 ugly plaid shirt my Uncle Zeno sent me.
1. How many shirts is that all together?
2. How many shirts would I have if I threw away that awful plaid shirt?
3. When will Uncle Zeno quit sending me such ugly shirts?
I'm getting a little worried. Everything seems to be a problem.
I take the milk out for my cereal and wonder:
1. How many quarts in a gallon?
2. How many pints in a quart?
3. How many inches in a foot?
4. How m
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Top 20 Favorite Raven-Haired Characters by Pikachu-Train Top 20 Favorite Raven-Haired Characters :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 7 2 Happy Birthday, Tuxedo Mask by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Tuxedo Mask :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 2 0 Top 20 Favorite Blondes by Pikachu-Train Top 20 Favorite Blondes :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 10 0 Pictures Of Tecna by Pikachu-Train Pictures Of Tecna :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 4 0
The Three Robbers by Tomi Ungerer
The Three Robbers
By Tomi Ungerer
Once upon a time, there were three fierce robbers. They went about, hidden under large black capes and tall black hats.
The first had a blunderbuss. The second had a pepper-blower. And the third had a huge red axe.
In the dark of the night, they walked the roads, searching for victims.
They terrified everyone. Women fainted. Brave men ran. Dogs fled.
To stop carriages, the robbers blew pepper into the horses' eyes.
With the axe, they smashed the carriage wheels.
And with the blunderbuss, they threatened the passengers and plundered them.
The robbers' hideout was a cave high up in the mountains. There they carried their loot.
They had trunks full of gold, jewels, money, watches, wedding rings and precious stones.
But one bitter, black night, the robbers stopped a carriage that had but one passenger. An orphan named Tiffany. She was on her way to live with a wicked aunt. Tiffany was delighted to meet the robbers.
Since there was no treasure but Tiffany,
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Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey
Time of Wonder
By Robert McCloskey
Out on the islands that poke their rocky shores above the waters of Penobscot Bay, you can watch the time of the world go by, from minute to minute, hour to hour, from day to day, season to season.
You can watch a cloud peep over the Camden Hills, thirty miles away across the bay--see it slowly grow and grow as it comes nearer and nearer, see it darken the hills with its shadow; and then, see it darken, one after the other, Islesboro, Western Island, Pond Island, Hog Island, Spectacle Island, Two Bush Island--darken all the islands in between, until..., on your island, are standing in the shadow, watching the rain begin to spill down way across the bay.
The rain comes closer and closer. Now you hear a million splashes. Now you even see the drops on the water, on the age-old rocky point, on the bayberry, on the grass... Now take a breath--
At the water's edge on a foggy morning in the early spring you feel as though you were
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A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon
A Bad Case of Stripes
By David Shannon
Camilla Cream loved lima beans. But she never ate them. All of her friends hated lima beans, and she wanted to fit in. Camilla was always worried about what other people thought of her.
Today she was fretting even more than usual. It was the first day of school, and she couldn’t decide what to wear. There were so many people to impress! She tried on forty-two outfits, but none seemed quite right. She put on a pretty red dress and looked in the mirror. Then she screamed.
Her mother ran into the room, and she screamed, too. “Oh my heavens!” she cried. “You’re completely covered with stripes!” This was certainly true. Camilla was striped from head to toe. She looked like a rainbow.
Mrs. Cream felt Camilla’s forehead. “Do you feel all right?” she asked.
“I feel fine,” Camilla answered, “but just look at me!”
“You get back in bed this instant,” her mother ordered.
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Happy Birthday, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 3 9 Happy 107th Anniversary to the Reverend W. Awdry by Pikachu-Train Happy 107th Anniversary to the Reverend W. Awdry :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 5 2 Timeless Tales From Hallmark - Thumbelina - Cel by Pikachu-Train Timeless Tales From Hallmark - Thumbelina - Cel :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 3 0 Happy Birthday, Musa! by Pikachu-Train Happy Birthday, Musa! :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 6 2 Kiki's Delivery Service Book [2003] by Pikachu-Train Kiki's Delivery Service Book [2003] :iconpikachu-train:Pikachu-Train 2 3


Britt Allcroft's enchanted Evening by merrittwilson Britt Allcroft's enchanted Evening :iconmerrittwilson:merrittwilson 17 6 MLP and Winnie The Pooh picnic in Sodor by merrittwilson MLP and Winnie The Pooh picnic in Sodor :iconmerrittwilson:merrittwilson 51 14 Tecna Winx by MkE7 Tecna Winx :iconmke7:MkE7 34 13 jerrica 176 by nightwing1975 jerrica 176 :iconnightwing1975:nightwing1975 34 13 Flora Winx Png by DeykunStella Flora Winx Png :icondeykunstella:DeykunStella 7 0 Super Giantess Ariel by GTPS2Productions Super Giantess Ariel :icongtps2productions:GTPS2Productions 56 6 Winx Livix Fairies by Bloom2 Winx Livix Fairies :iconbloom2:Bloom2 101 10 Commission 31 - Fam in Formal by NoVaNoah Commission 31 - Fam in Formal :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 166 20 Top 10 Fantasy films meme by Anime--Bunny Top 10 Fantasy films meme :iconanime--bunny:Anime--Bunny 14 14 Favorite Thomas Episodes #4 - Fish by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Favorite Thomas Episodes #4 - Fish :iconmeganekkoplymouth241:MeganekkoPlymouth241 75 14 Winx X: Tecna's Designs by werunchick Winx X: Tecna's Designs :iconwerunchick:werunchick 24 9 Kikis Delivery Service: Wrapped in Kindness  by GhibliLover92 Kikis Delivery Service: Wrapped in Kindness :iconghiblilover92:GhibliLover92 9 14 Aqua-Jupiter 24 by stephdumas Aqua-Jupiter 24 :iconstephdumas:stephdumas 6 0 Violet (comm.) by ElynGontier Violet (comm.) :iconelyngontier:ElynGontier 75 15 Flora Livix Fairy by Bloom2 Flora Livix Fairy :iconbloom2:Bloom2 122 30 Sabrina dancing (comm.) by ElynGontier Sabrina dancing (comm.) :iconelyngontier:ElynGontier 63 17





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