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Gimp Tutorial- Easy Sig

A fairly easy tutorial to follow. You must know the bare basics of GIMP and brushes/filters is all. It's my first tut so don't kill me. xD
Contact me if you cannot see the image. Your browser must support PNG file types, please be patient for it to load.
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Thanks for makin this, it was really helpful :)
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This is an awesome tutorial. I am currently building a GFX forum with a focus on learning, tutorials, and teaching. I'd love to feature your tutorial. The forum isn't open yet, but I was wondering if I could post it for when we open very soon? :)
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Love your tutorial :).

Made this using it: <a href="[link]>Link to the said signature
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Here's mine: [link]

Thanks! :D I also used it on my banner too. Many thanks. (

Really helpful.
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what brushes did you use? ive been looking all over and i cant find them, also thank you for this awesoem tutorial, i never knew this was possible :D
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Thank you! Getting Better and Better
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1st tut i started learn wid thanku :happycry:
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Ok, I had posted this before, but its not showing, so i shall post again
I made this [link] following this tutorial
I linked back here in the description, but couldn't figure out how to link your name since I haven't been here in years
Just doing my part and giving credit where due.

Thanks for the great work.
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I just remembered it was posted on the second page. Sorry for my dumbassery.
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hey, thanks for the great tutorial

I made this [link] by following it. I liked back here and included you name in the description as you'll see. I couldn't figure out how to link your username. I haven't been on here for years. Just doing my part and letting you know.
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awesome thank you
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Oh yeah, here's the tutorial if you want it:
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When I was a noob I 'copied' this, but I did say you created the technique. I just made it easier for beginners, that's all.

Now I make my own tutorials. :P
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Dude! ThX! Your tutorial just helped me create my first decent looking sig! Check it out in my signitures folder in my gallery and tell me what you think.
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this is so helpful and just awesome *-* thank you!
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This. Is. Awesome. :)
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This is an awesome tutorial. I just wanted you to know that I'll be saving this to my computer - as requested I *will not* repost your image. I may -however- link to this page for other's reference!
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I've just found it!! I was trying out some effects in Filters and it's on Artistic / GIMPressionist! :w00t:
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Hi!! I tried to do your tutorial but since I have no Ballpark (there wasn't any in Google), I used several brushes (in Gradient colors option) instead and the final result also was good. Thanks! :)
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