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[PMD Editor] Skirt plugin tutorial

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Plugin download [link] The link is in the video description, to find it easier you can use Ctrl+F and find "bowlroll.net". The video also show how to use some advanced features of the plugin but it's too confusing for me.

To install plugin, download the file, extract it, rename the folder "skirt plugin" and put it in the following folder: your PMD editor folder>plugin>user>skirt plugin.

The plugin only works with PMDE version 1.37 or higher, I've tried with 1.00 and the english version but they didn't work.

I've been very hesitant to make character with skirt and long coat because skirt rigging is a pain and this plugin is a life saver. I love it so much and want to share it with everyone ^^
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I don't get the Height option. I have been trying to rig a long skirt so I need it to work.
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Is it possible to use this plugin whiteout using it’s weighting function?
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Mine drops off the model -^-
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i made my skirt in metasequoia but it seems when i put the plugin it drops off the model ;-;
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hey! i'm sorry if im too late, but
in the joint tab, make sure that all of the joints of the skirt that are at the VERY TOP have the first linked body set to your lower body physic.
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This really helped thank you does this work for hair too if so could you do a tutorial if possible please?
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this actually helped thank you  
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Never had this issue before but, the option to adjust the number of bones per row is missing for me. Any suggestions?
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It's due DPI scaling. You need to change font size to 100% in control panel display settings.
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Now i cant see shit....
But it works. Thanks a lot.
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i have the same issue. Have you found out a solution?
 Ive tried with english and japanese (pmx and plugin);
i also tried with the working editor someone put up for download here on DA (editor+plug in)
a total of 4 differents version of pmx/pmde and still missing the bones per row. (version between 1.39 and 2.17)
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Can't find a fix v~v you too huh?
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yep, still no fix Bear Emoji-33 (Sad) [V2] 
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are you using a translated version of pmx editor?
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Yeah, I suppose I should try the Japanese one I have? lol
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the pmx editor has to be above but under
I tried with the newest pmx editor and it refuses to open
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idk why it won't works for me at all...
i tried it in all pmx and pmd version in both english and japanese language and i try it in both 64bit and 86bit pc.

someone, help me.
i really need this plugin, rigging is really such a pain T-T
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the side of the legs go through the skirt when she moves from side to side but the front of the skirt is just fine. Help?
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Um...I added it to the 'User' folder, and it's not showing up in my PMDEditor..

What do I do??
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English translation of the skirt plug-in:

The English skirt plug-in comes pre-installed in this English version of PMX editor:


In Edit, Plug-in, User, it's called Automatic Curved Surface Plug-in (PMX) (a.k.a. skirt plug-in)
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For anyone getting error messages, here's the solution. Right-click the skirt plugin folder, click properties, and click unblock.
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