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Naruto - Forever Pals

By pika
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Title sounds familiar? Pic looks familiar? True :XD: I had submitted this long time ago into the naruto club I ran (~naruto-madness) and when us the old admins left, we took down all our art from there ^^; So here I am resubmitting this by request.

Izumo & Kotetsu - Naruto @ Masashi Kishimoto

-lineart: pencil
-colors: psp6 and ..oC2 I think ^^;

Kinda nice that now in Naruto (somewhere around manga chapter 318) these two have appeared again :love:
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Ri-Aikyo's avatar
*laughs* I love it and I love these two!!! =D
pika's avatar
Thanks! These two surely are adorable. :aww:
Ri-Aikyo's avatar
That they are!! =D
NamigakurenoHikari's avatar
Ha ha! I just love those guys! :nod:
pika's avatar
Who doesn't! :love:
SkalliOtori's avatar
They are so great. I love Kotetsu and Izumo. It's sad that hey have so little time in the Manga/Anime. I would like to see them more often. I really like this picture:-)
pika's avatar
Nod nod :nod: There's so many characters in Naruto that the sidekicks can't have all the spotlight :I
NatsukoNara's avatar
I love those two, and this drawing is awesome !!! *_*
pika's avatar
Thanks you :aww:
stcc7sixty's avatar
Nice!! Not many people pay attention to these guys.
pika's avatar
I've noticed that usually I end up liking the side characters more than the main ones :)
RaddRebel's avatar
awwwwwww ohmygod!!!! so cuuuuute...:love:
x-Nouur's avatar
sanne-boas's avatar
amazing work!!!!
SasoriLover11's avatar
Super cute! These are the only two I still look at after quitting Naruto a few years back!
pika's avatar
Awww why quit? It's gone pretty good these days :aww:
pika's avatar
Huh?! What?!?
pika's avatar
Mister/Miss, you need to go check your dictionary and use word "Yaoi" correctly :P This is none of it, not even shounen-ai ^^
DeidaraSenpaiYaoi's avatar
I know ^^ But i think.... xD
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