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UMvsC3: Littlepip

Ladies and gentlecolts, it's the OC bio you've all been waiting for!!! (Probably no one at all...)
Maybe I made a few mistakes, but that's why I saved the bio. Now for the rest of the cast...

Littlepip/ Fallout Equestria owned by Kkat.
vector by Brisineo…
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I want to be the announcer for a fighting game. I feel like I'd be really good at it.

Hell. I try to voice the Smash Bros announcer, and I am pretty good at that!
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I can see Tmug's thing of this at full for all and errors and ?
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Awesome! i hope you'll make a Blackjack UMvsC3 too! :D
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And I can't wait to do one. :D

But I'll have to find a good vector first.
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Well if that's the only problem, i actually have a halfway decent Bj vector. otherwise i wish you luck with finding one.
In my opinion makes good BJ vectors.
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That would actually work very well.  Although I would prefer to use her cyber-upgrade look in the later chapters.  If you can use that on the vector you have now, it will be perfect!
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Sure! I'll start immediately.
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Take your time, I have to catch up on the fic anyway.
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I hope you read everything up to chapter 58, because i made I'm done with the argumentet version. (version 3.1)
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I'm only midway through 46. (As of this writing.)
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Awesome that's just Awesome nice job
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S.P.E.C.I.A.L. в помощь, а так херня какая-то 3 из 7-ми - скорость, что за фигня?
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