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Rainbow Fash [DL]


One of Rainbow Dash's personas based on a scene from "Newbie Dash", where Dash was impersonating her friends.  I made an edit of everyone's favorite.
It might be 4 months in between that episode and this release, but I've been held up.  (VERY, held up.)  I'
m surprised there wasn't another one by then.  This Rainbow uses the Wonderbolt uniform used in…  It's just a shame that the way the skin is textured, there's no proper way to give her the glorious bedroom eyes as seen in

And before anyone asks, I do NOT plan on making the others, especially the ones that require a more custom mane.  Besides, even if I did, this would be the one everyone would most likely be going to use.   Maybe if I had a good reason to, I'll try to see.

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