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Pony Poker Night (remake)

Based off a sketch I did a while ago remade into Source Filmmaker.  The only big difference is that Snowdrop is replaced by Tracy Cage.  (For obvious reasons...) Each pony also has their own style of play.

Tracy plays aggressively.  She will often try to scare the player into folding if she has a good hand (or at least make you think she does), often raising when she does so.  Not being the most stable pony, pay attention to her tone of voice, body language and the way she moves and judge if she is making a rational decision; this could mean her hand is either really good or really bad.  She's usually the most antagonistic of the four mares, both in playing style and in table conversations, as well as the one who criticizes the player the most. She even has a bit of a self proclaimed rivalry with Ticket (which makes sense seeing on what boards they originate from).  That means she doesn't get along with the others as well, but they aren't as afraid of her as they probably should be, for their own reasons.  They will noticeably start to get uneasy when she goes into greater detail about her "personal" life, however.

Littlepip plays cautiously.  She is usually quite uncertain on most of her bets and folds if she doesn't think her hand is good enough.  It's when she does bet (and how she bets) you need to worry.  Not unlike Tracy, if she is calm while betting, she is confident enough in her hand, if Pip seems hesitant, her hand is probably average at best, but when she raises with mad confidence and aggressiveness, that's when you KNOW she has a good hand.  Her tells are a little more exaggerated than usual (especially if she has a bad hand) and can make pretty awful decisions when almost out of money.  Littlepip is neutral to the player, but she seems more interested in getting to know her fellow ponies more; she thinks you're creepy.  In conversations, she's often the closest thing the table has to the (ironically) straight-mare, but not by a whole lot.  Every now and than she has a story to tell about the adventures of the wasteland or one of her friends.  The others usually find them interesting but a few can disturb them all, even Tracy.  And if those stories can make such spacey, upbeat, and psychotic ponies (respectively) so uncomfortable, that says something!

Ticket bluffs the most often of any pony, but it's almost always disguised by her cheerful attitude.  On top of that, Ticket also has a broad definition of what a 'good' hand is, folding only if her cards are REALLY bad.  She has full confidence when she thinks she has a good hand and will often bet in large amounts to force the others to either fold or add more money to the pot.  This strategy is more prominent when she knows when you've come too far to back out (or if she can't back out herself).  But do to her playing style, you'll just have to guess whether she is being to full of herself or taking advantage of a great hand.  Keep an eye on her face and wings for any tells, it'll help that she's more emotional than the others.  Ticket is by far the most friendly and optimistic of your competition, sometimes to the point where it could annoy the others.  In many ways, literally the opposite of Tracy.  She'll get the others to tell them more about them selves, but she'll be MORE than eager to tell her own stories when prompted (Especially if it's about Star Sparkler!)   As much as she seems to enjoy your presence, don't be fooled; she's just as eager to knock you out as much as any other pony.

Fluffle Puff is random.  She may bet, raise, check, fold, call, or play aggressively and/or cautiously, even on the most obscure of hands.  It would almost seem Fluffle Puff has nearly no idea what she is doing.   However, there is a chance Fluffs may surprise you with a very good hand.  She can be either the best player at the table, or the worst.  Since FP can't speak, she is a lot more expressive than any of the others, that could make things easier while looking for tells.  With a body covered in all that fluff, though, look at her face instead before she hides it with a blank stare.  Now, you're probably thinking that since Fluffle Puff doesn't talk, this will make table interactions limited.  Not true.  Her facial expressions make up for it quite a bit.  She can also gasp, sigh, groan, snicker, growl, cough, whine, laugh, yelp, scream, whistle, blow raspberries, pretty much do ANYTHING but talk.  If needed there's subtitles or somepony else 'talks' for her.  Fluffle Puff is a strange one; no one really knows what she's thinking.  Even her acknowledgement of the player can range from a friendly wink to a death glare.

Out of the thousands of well known fan-made ponies out there, I choose these four in particular not just because they're are popular OCs; they're all icons.  And they more or less represent all very different sides for the Friendship is Magic fandom.  So how well will you hold out between these four adorable, slightly crazy, EXTREMELY nymphomanic mares?  (That you can't have.)  Let's the tournament begin!
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Oh Fluffle Puff is playing. Everypony just give her your money. Just do it.
mayflower104's avatar
Wot are each of their bountys?
Storm-ChaserMLP's avatar
Where are Tracy Cage and Ticket from? Because I never heard of them.
Pika-Robo's avatar
Tracy is like the unofficial mascot for /mlp/.  And Ticket is very popular on sites like Ponychan.  (There's a lot of art of her, many of it commissioned by her creator.)
ievacool's avatar
Fluffle will win dis! :D
Hexedecimal's avatar
Fluffle Puff has: 2 pair. Fluffle wins the hand!
ievacool's avatar
I wonder what the ante prizes for beating them would be? I think Fluffle Puff would bet the Element of Taco and Little Pip would bet little Macintosh, I'm not sure what the others would bet though.
AllytheWolffy98's avatar
where did you get the map and the cards?
Sepperlover's avatar
Fluffle Puff! Pfffttt
Talancir's avatar
yay, fluffle puff! this makes me giggle!
J25TheArcKing's avatar
Lol Fluffle Puff
garciarael's avatar
Tracy Cage = Tycho
Littlepip = Heavy
Ticket = Strong Bad
Fluffle Puff = Max
Tyraka628's avatar
Where can I find the Ticket Model?

And all these famous ocs...just add Nyx and Snowdrop, and you've got yourself the Mane OC Six.
Pika-Robo's avatar
I got Ticket (for Source Filmmaker) here:…
Da0Krager's avatar
good to see the ticket model actually being used
Penguinator24's avatar
Ponies playing texas hold em. Very nice work!
ata64's avatar
Blackjack is no where to be found. I'm disappointed. However, this is a great picture none-the-less.
Pika-Robo's avatar
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Blackjack.  After all there IS a Poker Night 2...
Filthma's avatar
Now that would be an interesting game.
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