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Pony Poker Night 2



Another pony poker night.  This time featuring, not as iconic, but still very popular fanmade characters.   Just like the last bunch; Midnight Blossom, Nyx, Blackjack, and Mrs. Mash all have their own style of play.  Can you hold out?

Midnight Blossom plays aggressively.  She will dare the player to bid higher or go all in if she has a good hand.  She might try to unease you with her natural creepiness, but it's most likely a bluff if you catch her trying too hard.  It's when she sounds LESS hissy and her tone serious you should think twice about going against her.  It's this case where you should probably let one of the others go against her, presumably Blackjack.  In conversations, she's actually pretty okay with the other ponies, to an extent.  She'll occasionally talk about her work as a night guard, answer the dumb questions about being half-bat, or tell funny stories she heard or did with the other batponies.  Her boyfriend, Cloud Skipper, makes cameo appearances every now and then.

Nyx plays randomly.  This is because, while definitely smart enough to play the game, she's a little too young to know when the best time to fold, call, etc is.  A nice contrast to Fluffle Puff.  She also doesn't have the best poker face out of the ponies.  She seems to be unsure about a lot of her hands and struggles to keep it straight if she has something she thinks is good.  Don't underestimate her though; she's probably the smartest  pony at the table, in a strategic sense.  This version of Nyx is a slight combination between her character from Past Sins and Creeping Darkness, as she'll recall events from both stories.

Blackjack plays by bluffing.  She bets in larger amounts than the others and does not like to back down.  It's uncommon to see her check and she only folds if her hand is VERY bad.  Of course, Blackjack might try to bluff away around that.  She'll take full advantage of a good hand however, she'll raise the pot in hope you or the others will back down or bet against her.  This strategy may backfire on her though and that's why she's usually the first or last one to leave the table.  Blackjack may make dumb decisions, but she nows how to (literally) play her cards right.  In order for this to make sense, this Blackjack would have to be from before chapters 30-40 maybe a bit later where her more major upgrades haven't happened yet, so all of her stories, problems with her friends, and adventures she can recall are before that time.

Mrs. Mash plays cautiously.  She's the closest thing to being the most level headed out of you competition, folding when she needs to and hardly going against other players when they make outrageous bets.  Her turns stay mostly consistent but she's not above bluffing, at least with average hands, however most of the time she'll be more confident in her hand that she doesn't need to.  Mash's betting is her most obvious tell, if she's more aggressive and raising than usual, tread lightly.  Button will occasionally pop in and out of the conversations at the main table, which mirrors Max.  Is it weird that somepony brought her son to a high stakes poker tornament?  Considering one of the contestants is just a filly, not at all!  Besides, Button Mash can make his own fun.  Also, prepare for a lot of bad gaming puns if it comes down to just the two of you.  

Something worth mentioning, most of this image was actually made BEFORE the first one.  That was because, at the time, we didn't have the characters I needed in Source Filmmaker yet, but that wasn't the case for this one.  To compare the times Blackjack only just got her second upgrade when I started.  I also wanted to have Sweetie Bot be the dealer.  However I couldn't wait for someone to make it, didn't have time to make one myself, and I wanted to get this out of the way while most of these are still relevant.  Maybe in an update...
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Why are you playing against a pony with a Cutie Mark of cards? That right there should have let you know you're gonna lose.