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Filly Guide Assets [DL]

Character  Apple BloomCharacter  Sweetie BelleCharacter  Scootaloo


A download for those Filly Scout uniforms as seen in "28 Pranks later" and previously used for Ginger Snap here:

Had to add quite a few things so that it fits on most fillies.  This hat was made for one specific filly, so for most foals, you may have to move the jigglebones so that the hat fits on their heads better, but that's also why I added an extra joint in the front of the hat just in case you had to move it up more.  You still might not make it perfect so I would use trick photography if necessary (like Scootaloo here, who's hair near the top can't move.)

Like I said in the preview, these models are MUCH better used for Source Filmmaker.  I made gmod versions too, just in case, but you would probably need a lot more work to pose the hats and/or resize the tail ribbons better.

Also, just for the fun of it, each badge has a seperate bodygroup, so you can remove whichever badges you like to.  If you would like to add/replace with your OWN badges, I also made that possible so if anyone ever does I would love to see!
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I want to buy filly scout cookies.