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[DL] The Power Ponies (IDW) ver 1.2



FINALLY here!  Here are the "original" Power Ponies from the 2014 IDW comic!  I've been really busy with some other stuff, so this pack is very,very, VERY overdo.  As in,I wanted to release it a year or two ago.  And yes, I got permission from all four of the original artists to recolor and release this pack.  Although, I had to actually decompile and change some of them to get the versions you see here.  Sorry guys, I know that wasn't part of the plan but I had a few very good reasons why I had to.

1. (By far the most important) they needed their own material folders, and re-hexing and/or sharing them with the Mane Six would make the file names too confusing.
2. Gave all of them different names so they would be easier to find next to the originals. (Kind of crosses into #1)
3. Removed Masked Matterhorn's wings so she's now a unicorn.
4. Switched out or made some new manes or tails, to match them closer to the comics. (Fili-Second needed both.)
5. Marevelous, Matterhorn, and Saddle Rager all needed different emblems on their feet and boots.
6. Just in general, having their own qcs made it more possible to separated them from the Mane Six versions

Expect updates in the future.  Since I had to de/recompile 6 very different models, don't be surprised if something goes wrong, so tell me anything is broken and I'll try fix it!

Marevelous and Saddle Rager have custom manes (I would reccommend moving the jigglebones for the later.)
Zapp has a new tail.
Radiance and Matterhorn have new textures on their tail and mane, respectively.

Mistress Marevelous - :iconsindroom: 
Zapp - :iconcumill11:
Masked Matterhorn - :iconoptimus97:
Fili-Second, Radiance, Saddle Rager - :iconcroco322:

There's one more Power Pony, though.  Click here for Hum Drum!
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what files should i put in addons, i confused, they don't show in gmod , not even humdrum, what are or is the file names?