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[DL] ReVamped (adult) Cutie Mark Crusaders

Character  Sweetie BelleCharacter  Apple BloomCharacter  Scootaloo


Are these the first custom ponies to use the V6 bodies?  They were when I was working on them.
These models are for SOURCE FILMMAKER ONLY for now.  The templates were not readyfor Garry's Mod, so neither are these.  But as soon as the sources are updated, I'll get to it as soon as possible.

Some (optional) individual notes:

Scootaloo: Scootaloo has four sets of wings.  2 for filly sized, like the show, and for regular wings, just in case.  Scootaloo's adult mane looked different from all angles (sometimes it looked like a mohawk, other times it covered her head.) so I worked with somewhere in between all of them.

Sweetie Belle:  Sweetie's mane was ridiculously inconsistent when I was looking up references.  I guess it would have to be, otherwise her mane would cover her face.  If you want to make it look like the hair-behind-ear style that the show did, I would suggest moving the jigglebones if necessary.  Sweetie's second skin has 'eyeshadow', as seen above, that you can have if yu wanted it.

Apple Bloom: AB's mane is an edited version of the already existing one, so she's the only one whose mane isn't made completely from scratch.  (The differences between adult and filly were so minor, I didn't even bother making a new one.)  Though she does have a removable custom bow.

Tell me if anything is wrong.
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When will you convert them to gmod?