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[DL]Mayor Mare.

This is a model I made for this comic.  Posting it here now if anyone else wants to use it.

This comes with a bodygrouped collar and glasses, and also 2 groups for the mane and tail to turn them pink!  The tuff of the collar I didn't really know how to do in 3d, it's not because of laziness.  Also the tail isn't quite as long as it is on the show, please don't hate me for it.
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mind if I add her mane and tail to my mod as well?
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Hoho, she's looking good. :)
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A bit late, wouldn't you say? We already GOT a Mayor Mare model, thank you very much.
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Look on the bright side. More stuff for you to steal and reskin!
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Why would I want to reskin THIS?
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The Set's Complete! by Tyraka628
Gmod/SFM Ponies - Pony Bots - Mane 6 [DL] by Tyraka628
Its pretty obvious you have no shame when it comes to retexturing anything and everything.
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And this is a crime?
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Yes, actually. The EULA (as described in the descriptions of many of the models you've reskined) disallow re-sharing and claiming as your own. Giving the artists the ability to DMCA you legally, as you broke contract.
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...First of all, going to use a legal act for COPYRIGHTED material is unbelievable; the sheer level you go up to prove your point proves that you have nothing better to do with your life. Seriously, get one. And second of all, if this applied to DA and the Gmod Community, then how come I'm still up and going instead of being banned? If I had broken any TRUE rules, then I wouldn't be here anymore. And three, YOU also use original files for your own models: the files put up by Ponninahka. You're just as guilty as these so-called crimes as we ALL in the Gmod Pony Community are.
Certainly you have better things to do with your life than antagonize people over things that you've done yourself, so go do them, you fucking hypocrite.

Seriously, what did I, a simple reskinner, ever do to you? Or are you one of those prejudice bastards against reskinners?
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Its not the act of reskinning that I hate. Its when a great model gets released, and its reskinned and released with no credit to the original author. This makes said author start cracking down and possibly not releasing content at all. Minority ruins it for the majority.
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Such arrogance for no good reason.
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Sorry, I was on vacation.
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