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[DL] Hum Drum (IDW)

Character  Hum Drum


We can't have the Power Ponies without their power pony side kick, can we?  This is the "real" Hum Drum as seen in the IDW comics, and as you can see, he is a colt and not a dragon.   The style always look different with each panel, so luckily I can cheat a little bit with out it being too 'inaccurate'.  I would like to point out, though, that the hair looks miles better from the side than it does up front, so keep that in mind when posing.  

Unlike the other Power Ponies, HumDrum comes with a removable cape, mask, boots, and belt!  (Not sure why you would want to though, since he doesn't exist in the pony universe.)  Don't forget to click here to download the rest of the Power Ponies.  pika-robo.deviantart.com/art/D…

As long as it took to get this model, it's kind of weird that we have the pony version Before we had the Spike version, isn't it?  Since no one did so in almost two years maybe I'll do something about it.
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what about spike as hum drum