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[DL] Filly Scout



A model for the Filly Scout!  You know the one.  (Aka Ginger Snap, Tag-Along or Thin Mint.  I usually call her the first one.)  I really like this filly.  For a really long time it felt like I just HAD to make her, especially since no one else was doing it, but I wanted to wait for the filly source files to make it more proper.  If any of you are interested in the filly scout hat, sash, and ribbons I'll release those in a separate update.

EDIT: Fixed the mane a bit more, I still couldn't make it 100% accurate though (more like 80%) and it now uses the more advanced accessories as seen in my last download pika-robo.deviantart.com/art/F…

I also remade the old Rumble model, you can find it here:
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I got the filly scout items and the textures were missing on all of the models