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Hello there, I'm not too used to traditional drawing anymore, but I still like working with clay, video games, and the occasional photoshop. I'm hoping some of my ideas can contribute for something bigger, but for now, I'm grateful for all the watches and faves I get!

Yeah... I don't have a website, but you can view this for now.

:iconvalvesteamplz: ==> steamcommunity.com/profiles/76…

Also, below is a link to my etsy account, I'm trying to get sell as much of my stuff as I possibly can!


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The Avengers
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Super Smash Bros.
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computer or pencil
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Video games and character/ story creating
But not by leaving of course! (As most users mean by "moving on".) I think starting today, I just want to shift my work into something a little more... career focused. I just hit three-zero today, and I think it's time to actually start getting off my rear and actually WORKING towards something more worthwhile, and stop "practicing" with modeling and posing. (I was kind of embarrassed of my age when compared to a few of my interests and skill level, so I never listed it publicly.) And at that age, I think it's time to stop being an amateur. I never regretted making work or models in Source Filmmaker and/or Garry's Mod; It was fun while it lasted, and a part of me is really going to miss it, but I think I'm at a time where I'm just """"""""""too old"""""""""" to be posing ponies as a hobby anymore. (Despite the series' reputation of 'adult fans'.) So firstly, I'm going to just release all of the developed models I have with me so far, and I won't be working on any new pony
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These past few years, I've been seeing Indie games skyrocket around me while I still haven't done a thing for my own ideas.  While the games I'm seeing are usually made by people with experience, it feels like all these developers started out as teenagers and finally got enough experience to make the successful games they have now.  I'm in my mid 20s now, and I've been waiting to long.  Seeing the prototype for Indivisible (and seeing how close the art style is to my vision) is the final straw for me.  I want to start developing before it's too late. Me working with Garry's Mod and SFM I basically saw as 'practice' until I was ready for some
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Along with my ebay auctions, I'm also trying to experiment on Etsy.  Basically whatever I don't sell on Ebay, I'll try my shot here.  Give it a look if you're interested! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PikaPerler There's also a lot of stuff I'm selling on ebay as well.  Some new, some have been there for a while that I'm desperatly trying to get rid of.  So again, take a look every now and then. http://www.ebay.com/sch/azel9048/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
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You are awesome.

Hey. Pika =3

You're still doing the Pipp Plays -insert video game name here- submissions, right? :)

Just a day each for this month. Have any ideas?

Well, I don't have any game name ideas per say....

But.... heh... I was thinking of say like have Pipp Petals play a game with the OG pony gamer/Princess of the Night herself: Princess Luna =3

Cause why not: Newbie gamer of this decade going off against/playing with the one gamer that has been gaming for almost a whole decade since returning from the moon. ;)

Pika-Robo User Can You Make Those Gmod/SFM Models EQG Ponified Please ?

CMC EQG Pony Version

BronyCan Charity Artbook contribution

Walk, Walk

thx for the llama 😁