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I'm not sure if this should have a "mature" rating, since it isn't what it looks like...  For those of you who don't know, this is recreation based on a very, very, VERY out of context moment from the season 7 finale of the actual show.…

Had this for months, I only just got around to finishing it recently.

EDIT:  For the ANIMATED VERSION(!), click here:
Deer wip(?)
The neat thing about dmx files, you can distort it how you want and the flexes will pretty much stay the same!

This was just me playing around and experimenting with the mare's template, seeing what is possible.  Eventually I added more smaller things on it to more resemble what you see now. 

 If you don't recognize the character that's (supposed to be) Bramble, seen in the MLP comics and Gameloft game.  I was never intended to release it, but if people want him in Source for whatever reason, it probably wouldn't take much more time to bring him in.

And no I'm not going to try King Athens or Blackthorn.  From what I remember there WERE source files for non-pony creatures, but I lost them a long time ago, and I think the original creator no longer has them.  And no, I'm NOT going through all the time and effort to make a whole new custom model.
Tempest's cutie mark (animated)
We never found out what was under Fizzlepop's armor...

Gif version of…

If anyone feels a little bad watching this, I should clarify that Tempest isn't necessarily hitting Pinkie, just slapping her hoof away. You know, how a normal person would react when someone removes your clothes to look at your bare ass.  :p
Mario Party Workshop Pack…

These are ragdolls of the N64 Mario Party models from the original trilogy. All of them are direct ports originally made by :iconsab64:, who in turn got them from lemurboy12 (Daisy and Waluigi) and alecspike (everyone else). I know they look primative today,but the first few games meant a lot to me, so i had to bring them to Gmod.

I want to bring up, this is the last of SAB64's ports I had planned on converting myself.  However if anyone would like to make a commision, I would gladly work something out, which SAB64 also said he would be fine with.
Mistress C
"Older" Cozy Glow in Porky Minch's mech.  Hopefully she doesn't have the same FATE as Porky...

(Cozy's model isn't decompiled, just stretched and recolored.)
These past few years, I've been seeing Indie games skyrocket around me while I still haven't done a thing for my own ideas.  While the games I'm seeing are usually made by people with experience, it feels like all these developers started out as teenagers and finally got enough experience to make the successful games they have now.  I'm in my mid 20s now, and I've been waiting to long.  Seeing the prototype for Indivisible (and seeing how close the art style is to my vision) is the final straw for me.  I want to start developing before it's too late. 

Me working with Garry's Mod and SFM I basically saw as 'practice' until I was ready for something bigger.  As much as I liked working with them, they aren't getting me anywhere.  Like I said, there's a point where if I don't start developing now, time is just going to keep passing by.   People who are now making games on Steam had plenty of time to develop skills on site like Newgrounds and even this site alone.  They're programming, art, and music has only got better and more successful while I only have the same basic knowledge from a few years ago.  And I HATE that.

It's time to start doing what I came here for, but I need help.  I obviously don't have the skills, experience or money to do literally everything myself.  But the biggest problem is, well, I don't really KNOW that many people, on the internet or off.  It seems like everyone knows everyone in the industry, which makes it feel like everyone's getting a head start and/or are learning off each other.  I don't really know what that feels like.  At the time of this, I have a little over 900 watchers, not bad for the minimal stuff I do, but nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands or even millions compared to actual artists here and on other sites.  I'm hoping if ANY of the 900+ of you or any users dropping by reading this knows anywhere to start, can offer advice, or lead me to somewhere where I can help with making indie games, it would mean everything to me.

TL;DR: I want to get into game developing, and am hoping one of you can point me in the right direction.
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Hello there, I'm not too used to traditional drawing anymore, but I still like working with clay, video games, and the occasional photoshop. I'm hoping some of my ideas can contribute for something bigger, but for now, I'm grateful for all the watches and faves I get!

Yeah... I don't have a website, but you can view this for now.

:iconvalvesteamplz: ==>…

Also, below is a link to my etsy account, I'm trying to get sell as much of my stuff as I possibly can!


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