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(So, I'm tardy in posting this but in my defense I had issues uploading the files earlier...)

Reminder that I've got some GND goodies and other merch including the new Peach-tree Princess over on my Society6 account, and there's all sorts of discounts and free shipping offers going on right now (and generally, in the run-up to the holidays). I hope those of you who'd like to indulge/gift someone, you see this in time.

Let me know if you have any trouble, feedback or requests, though I won't be able to respond immediately/in time for US timezones on today's offers.

all the best!
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A FEW DAYS LATER : ... OMG so many of you have been so incredibly generous. I am verklempt and pleased as punch and eying a lightboard for purchase and so very grateful and ... well, I just tried to hurry up and get you the next page, kay?



Buy Me a Coffee at


OK, so. I am tackling a long list of proactive, arse-shifting To Do things, and this was one of 'em.

After looking around a bit, Patreon felt like a daunting amount of *commitment* and I am currently about to be freaking-out busy and stressed trying to pitch a new BD project to a publisher after 2017 was a year of Things Falling Through, professionally - bah humbug.
But even though my GND page updates have slowed down something fierce I still get the loveliest, touching, just-only-a-tad guilting, messages from people who care about this 'verse, and first-time-reader comment-sprees and some who are looking for ways to show their appreciation and.... well, finally getting into the 21st century content creator mindset and all that - I've set up what seemed like the most hassle-free version of a digital tip jar in the form of a Ko-Fi page. Works with Paypal - you can "buy me a coffee" for a few bucks, as a one-off, no subscription or pledging or suchwhat.

Yeah, verily, I do this at this point of barely monthly updates. And I know, the comic was not even my original idea to start with. Feels cheeky af.

Disclaimer and general British not-wanting-to-make-a-fuss and all..... I'm not in a financially sticky place.... there are far more needy and productive (fan)artists out there deserving of your paypal pennies. But eh. It has been 10 years of pages, and producing tiptoeing-around-copyrighted-characters merch on Society6 is a whole other affair, kinda. Let no-one here feel in any way guilted or tripped up or obligated (and hey, comments is always nice too =D ). And I make no promises of faster updates nor nuthin' neither!


(Really, I had more hopes to monetize GND readership on the day I finally get something published in English, but that seems a pretty fuzzy horizon rn.)


As a repeat of my anniversary post, thanks again, and always, to everyone who's ever commented, those who keep doing so, and all of you who have made telling this story this so much interactive fun.


So, insert Labyrinth-y pun about being generous and whatnot, and cheers all. :iconsparklesplz:

PS. BTW, that facebook group linked to last post - I've seen several other dA-familiar pieces there since, they are a nasty lot of print-selling art-yoinkers...

Yeah, um - thanks, DarkBangle, for pointing this out:…

LABYRINTH - Jareth's T-shirt by Pika-la-Cynique
yeah it is a neat idea for a T-shirt innit?

and when I tried it a few years ago I got a cease and desist from the Jim Henson Co.
Now, I know things seem to have gotten a bit more relaxed around fanworks with print-on-demand merch sites, and there are a lot of fb fanpages notorious for their general yoinking of uncredited artwork, and some other people have made their own versions of the tee.... but bugger this for a shameless lark. Can I ask for some help in downvoting/pointing out the plagiarism?

THANK YOU - page has vanished, and somehow that piece of art is on dA's front page and trending like whoa all over again, the algorithms work in mysterious ways. <3  <3 :aww:
Candyhearts2 by Pika-la-Cynique

Internet hath provided.

and thanks for the dA Valentines, people.
So, December 27 of 2007 I was back at my parents' over winter holidays, kicking back from art school, with free time and a lot of fanfic on the brain, and after AsheRhyder had brought the girls into Roommates, just fizzing with glee and ideas in that 'verse, and I excitedly submitted the first Girls Next Door comic here.

I vividly remember I had the oddly certain feeling I was on to something good there.

It's been one heckuva ride since then. I....
... thank you. For all the feedback and sense of shared glee and reader investment in the story I've been telling. For my Thursday-morning-login-to-reader-reactions highs. For all the people I got to meet IRL and online along the way - the best part of having a big readership has been the odds of having instant geek friends to meet up with on travels abroad to random cities - y'all know who you are. For penpals and glitter-boobytrapped parcels and dA memberships gifted...
I'm sorry for the long breaks and the more meandering plot threads, and sorrier still for familiar handles gone quiet over the years. I'm kinda sorry I never migrated to a hipper platform when I had the biggest readership, and haven't yet mirrored the comics on a more easily navigated site of some sorts.

I dunno what to type, guys. I'm not fishing for bravas, and this ain't an eulogy quite yet. Sure, I don't feel *quite* the manic fangirl drive to knock these out as I once did, and do prioritize Actual Work Deadlines over making Wednesday updates now. The characters are still part of my headspace, though, and one Goblin King will not let me quit now he's finally getting somewhere good. There are storytelling challenges I still want to tackle. And everyone still commenting and interacting, you're still quite a fix and a delight and expectations I hate to let down.

Thanks to everyone in these past ten years who has made this as fun and rewarding as it has been. Virtual hugs and glitter all around; and I hope 2018 is a kinder, brighter, more hopeful year for all of you.
"how typical roommate problems could humorously escalate if the roommates were also super villains."…

Well, yes....

(disclaimer, I ain't seen a second of the videos yet and I'm sure they're great. Disclaimer too that this all hails back to the original AsheRhyder 's brilliant inspiration that started this 'verse, "Once upon a time...." over a decade ago....)
(it is good to be back in fandomspace! thank you for sticking around over long hiatus! your lovely comments do me such good :heart: :heart: :heart: )

And once again I had all sorts of plans and things I wanted to sort out in time for the merch-buying season and once again I am unprepared and overwhelmed with a dozen other work and IRL things to deal with in the winter months.

but I did add some GND-themed STICKERS over on my Society6 if people wanna add to their Cyber Monday online shopping sprees!…

I'll try and make some format-adapted versions of those and other drawings if people have specific wishlists. Thing is, the comic's pencil-and-greyscale doesn't make for the nicest artwork when scaled up or out of context. I think there'll have to be a proper digital paintjob at least for Pervy Fluffy Owl at some point...

I'm open to feedback and suggestions! Thanks for those who expressed an interest in buying GND goodies and have done this past year. :meow:
Raise a glass to freedom from petty vindictive tyrants with fake fluffy hair! ....or toast to the Goblin King's good health and long fair prosperous glittery reign, according to your loyalties. Hot and tasty season's munchies!

(Clucktoberfest is either side of October 3rd, but Goblins ain't all that about exact dates, so...)

Feel free to booze it up and hang around in the Comments, things've gotten quiet round here...

Cheers! :iconsparklesplz:
(possibly Jareth's).

Iiiiit's Wednesday again already and sorry I didn't communicado sooner but: summer unpredictability-slash-hiatus is upon us. Imma heading out for a short week's vacay chilling off the grid in Provence, and there was soooooo much to get done before leaving and I'm prepping my sister's wedding that's a few weeks after that and - ack. Le busy. Apologies.

Not that I didn't really want to get us onto the fun brunch activity, but for the immediate duration I'll be leaving you with GK fanservice and anticip........
Dear all; this coming week is going to be a busy one, so I do think I'll leave you still in the midst of Jareth's time-meddling make-out session for the duration, and dare presume that won't be too much of a hardship. ;)

Any requests for GND300?
If you're wanting something fancy and speshul occasion, like a cover art or ensemble piece that could be considered overdue, it may be postponed until more free time. Kinda wanting to skip on over to 301 and get the current delicate storyline to play out.... What say you?

Thanks as always to people commenting and caring and cursing and feeling invested. :heart:
Lookit who got in touch to feature yours truly. :D…
and their facebook page

:D Fame and glory and all that jazz.
Sorry duckies. Shortened and rather busy week, next GND pages are in the pipeline but... they still need some polishing&TLC, and, well, you wouldn't want me to hurry things at this delicate juncture, would you? ;)
Leaving you on chocolate-y cliffhanger a little longer. Apologies, and thanks so much to all the people responding and debating.
Yo!! Well I am Not On Top Of these Things and just getting up the online shop up and running and forgot all about those crazy USian holidays BUT
first batch of GND-related goodies, esp. MUGS, over at Society6!
you got a few hours to test run 'em with all the website's special offers today (20% off and free shipping til midnight P.T.)
there will be more soon, I'm wide open to comments and suggestions!…

:heart: :heart: :heart:
(pardon crappy phone pic)

achievement unlocked: complete series by Pika-la-Cynique

Voilà ! Volume 4 released end of September, and that's a wrap (we're being dropped by the publisher who wanted a bestseller, basically. Thankfully, we kinda saw it coming and just about wrapped up plot points in the final album.)
I'll try and find time to translate some gags for you here. It's been a ride, I'll miss these characters.
onwards to strange new horizons.....
So you may or may not have caught a comment of mine mentioning how France is FINALLY staging a French-language version of 'The Phantom of the Opera' (ALW) musical in Paris, and I was pretty chuffed the story gets to come home - though they'd never allow it near the actual Opera Garnier because REAL Culture =/= pop culture something fierce in this country, and Gaston Leroux sometimes get some school studying for his detective stories but that's it. (Iirc, 'Les Miz' was first a French-language concept album, then musical, that ran 3 months in the early 80s, to reviews panning it for dumbing-down and sensationalizing the great classic book of Hugo's (these curators of what is Académique really will gloss over how a lot of today's classic were originally thrilling newspaper serials.....), before heading to far greater success and reknown in English ; I *once* found a recording of the French version for a friend here, but as a pop culture phenomenom, almost no-one "recognized" the recent epic film-musical when it hit cinemas here....)
The musical theatre building, the Mogador,that it was due to open in this year just got damaged in a fire, postponing things indefinitely.
The fire started in the basement.
Ok then.

In other news I am back from a week's holiday in VENICE and it was unbelievably gorgeous. And there were all these magical marble-floored ballrooms, and aged gilt mirrors in the palazzos; and crowded creepy mask shops, and... 3 stuffed barn owls in the Museo di Storia Naturale. Aww.
Hello Deviantart. It's my birthday and I've finished my comic book (asides from a final round of proofproofproofreading) and though I have another gig lined up to keep me quite busy through til september, I'm thinking the odds are good you get some fresh GND pages soon. :D How's that for a slice of fried gold?
So remember I pushed my history comic 'La Reine des Tilleuls' here a bit?
Rues de Lyon history comic - cover art by Pika-la-Cynique
Restauration et Royalismes - French History notes by Pika-la-Cynique
You can read the whole 10 pages for free, online, right here:…
Yes it's in French, no I don't have time right now to translate it all, yes that inspector character is basically Javert, and I'll be happy to answer any further questions here.... when I get back from a very needed week's R&R in Corsica. yay.

cheers lovelies, I'll be back to fandom postings soooooon.
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I miss u, fandom. And I kinda missed marking the 30th year anniversary, too, and this summer is still - mostly - looking so very, very busy.
Wrapping up my pages for Alyssa vol4....... I hate early summer deadlines, it's been 3 times now and I am starting to get some horrible pavlovian conditioning that associates sunny weather, drinks-outside season with deadline stress. Guh.
Also handling UK friends' and family members' distress and anger with the Brexit fiasco, yay.

anyhoo, for the 30th anniversary, lacking time to produce anything new, I dug through some oooold files and chose instead to mark my own falling-into-fandom retrospective; you can poke about my Scraps gallery for a coupla new uploads of old Laby fanart doodles and WIP pieces I don't see myself as polishing off anytime soon. Posted in the vague hopes some people may enjoy the sentiments despite the scrappiness.

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Oh gosh it's another Wednesday already, and I am failing to deliver any updates. I haz a guilty, y'all. Sorry! and the bad news is, I guess, that the next month is, once again, deadline season - on the final album of my Alyssa series - and I doubt I can afford much spare time for fandom funsies. Believe that I miss it badly too and am eager to get back to glittery dates and changing dynamics....

In other, glitter-related news, I had a lovely weekend break in London, and visited the Bowie mural in Brixton, and left it more sparkly for my passage ;) . It is a very moving site, reading all those messages and feeling how strong people's grief is-was and how many lives the starman touched.
Also got to meet up with an old, in internet time! friend from this website which was quite charming. We geeked out at the British Library. And because my head was full of the Matthew Swift books I totally went a-wandering in the City proper (~ Domine dirige nos ~) and the Inner Temple courts, and ran into a very intense woman outside Temple Church who wanted to talk about the Da Vinci Code and how infrequently open to the public the church was and how they are definitely totally hiding stuff and secrets there. (hey I don't disagree).

Oh and while I was travelling I got a DD? Yay! Thanks to that person and welcome, any newbies here.

and apologies and waves and best wishes to the regular crowd. :iconsparklesplz:
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Iiiiiii.... may be in London around the weekend of May 21st-22nd, bit before, bit afterwards (I know, just before London MCM geekfest. Not doing that.).

Any locals wanna meet up for coffee/pilgrimage to the Bowie mural/drinks?