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Venice moment - WIP

This was always supposed to be a magnum opus of fanart love ; ain't touched the psd file since '08. Also too stupid-stubborn to just find a good ref for that twisty side pose instead of endless reworking. And I have no patience for decent bgs.

I was completely verklempt and high on KL Morgan's amazing fics, and some Sandman vibes there too.

The mini poetry stanza is from a collection of French translations of Spanish coplas, iirc. Scribbled down in the fandom notebook because duh - English approximation, see if it spawns plotbunnies:

Were I to hold you in my arms,
imagine what I might do ;
you a woman, I a man -
kill, no, I would not kill you.
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Oh, how much do I love this? You are such an incredible artist!

skydriane's avatar
I just read a forfeit of dreams (twice in as many days) it is wonderful! 😍 Unfortunately, its unfinished sequel that I have heard rumblings of has apparently disappeared from the internet 😣
ayehli1977's avatar
A Forfeit of Dreams got me started on the road to so much brilliant Labyrinth fanfic, and to my GND addiction, this captures the Venice chapter so beautifully!
Vetrana's avatar
Потрясающие и душераздирающий!
magpie-poet's avatar
Oh how wonderful, and oh I'm marking those for another day when I don't have any reason to not pull an all nighter ;)
KizzyAnel's avatar
That just gave me chills... ooooooo 
BAK123's avatar
i love the dramatic and painterly feel uve given it :D
Kagehahen's avatar
I think the fact that this isn't 'finished' lends a very haunting quality to it.  Real life is never 'finished' and its sad when it is. So its beautiful regardless and yes - it has serious shades of 'Sandman' (my favorite of all fandoms other than Gaiman himself) in the art technique at the least.

Pity you didn't post this in 2001.  Because in my fic - he did...
Chamaelirium's avatar
Oooooohhhhh....... I know it'll probably never be finished but a gal can dream!
alorindanya's avatar
I love KL Morgan's work too. What Dreams May Come is one of the best fanfictions out there. And man, what poetry! This is just a gorgeous piece over all.
dishwasherness's avatar
Jareth's face is so interesting here. Love the light and the depth of tone, and the under-eyebag shadow. Your Jareths are among my fave Jareths.
PhantomduLabyrinthe's avatar
They are absolutely breathtaking:) love it
hoppytoad79's avatar
KL Morgan's writings are truly inspiring things, aren't they?  So incredibly amazingly wonderful.
Doodleholic's avatar
This one is gorgeous! I love it! :iconiloveyouplz:
Angry-Small-Friend's avatar
So pretty. I love the written lines, too. Perfect for JxS.
Reeshie's avatar
Thank you dearly for pointing me in the direction of yet another fantastic Labyrinth fanfic. XDD
I've been at it for nearly 3 hours now.
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
ohhhh "a forfeit of dreams" made me the fangirl I am today.
Reeshie's avatar
Stupid work and things like sleep and food keeping me away from finishing it!

It was utterly wonderful. Thank you sooooooooooo much for sharing it!
CihSegin's avatar
Annnd yep, same, thank you for sending us to a good fanfic !!! XD
thalle-my-honey's avatar
This is beautiful ♥
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