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The Thin White Sleuth...

... and the Case of the Piece of Cake.

Happy Birthday Kayla! :cake: :D

No, I still haven't seen BBC-Sherlock yet, but it's got a pretty distinctive look... and Bowie is no stranger to looking mighty fine in a trenchcoat/men's winterwearpretty much anything akshully.
No, I have no clear reason for putting Sarah in that baby beanie. Maybe because John wears those dorky jumpers?

AUfic and Urban Fantasy Labyrinth and speculations, away!!

Sarah and Jareth (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Connelly and Bowie
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Jareth looks great in this picture. I like him with the shorter hair

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Just thought I'd tell you, this story inspired a fanfic I'm writing over on…
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So I've been reading that on AO3.... you sure took the inspiration somewhere dark-fantasy and M-rated but it's a fun racy read!!
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I love Bowie, I love Labyrinth, and I love Sherlock... this is just perfect Goblin King Amulet 
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wow this looks really cool C:
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not sure if anyone else has commented that, but it says its inspired by this picture and there are a ton of oneshots by the same author that appear to go along with it. I musts go reads now.
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where might I find one of these? looks like it'd be a smashing read.
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Oh my god, please continue. *Q*
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Not I, but have you seen the fanfics that use this premise?
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Damnnnnnn Jareth looks smexy in this:flirty::horny:.... I need to look away:o
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I approve so madly.
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I literally began saying aloud: "I love this I love this I love this..." upon seeing it. Beautiful art, absolutely gorgeous, and brilliant crossover.
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ahhh! this crossover, i like it. ANOTHER.
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Just when I thought life couldn't get any better XD
I can't recommend Sherlock enough, I finally understood why everybody loves BBC shows lol.
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I think Urban Fantasy Labyrinth is my new favorite AU.... *^*
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Dresden Files crossovers are particularly excellent fun, also. ;)
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This is so adorable! :giggle:
And I see Toby's cap on his sister's head! :love:
~ Pris
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You should do more of this crossover! (And Sherlock is awesome you must watch it)
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If you ever continue this crossover, which personally I think you should, you could title it "The Return of the Thin White Sleuth'.
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Heh,Blush , that's all. Here, have a random hug, because you're absolutely amazing to me. Glomp! 
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This is super- a wonderful idea and I really love just how spot on the colours are for a rainy day in London :)
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