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Susan and the... Hogfather?...

- "... HO HO HO?"

ink lineart, Photoshop CS.

From The Hogfather.
It's like this... I have so much other stuff I should be doing instead... but then I never won't have loads of other stuff to be doing, either, so I might as well do this one in time for the deadline, at least.
I might come back to it and fiddle the colours some more some day.
Meanwhile... Happy Hogswatch!

Discworld characters (c) Terry Pratchett
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"Grandfather... I seriously don't have the vocabulary to tell you how wrong this looks."
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
I am so mad at myself for forgetting his fake beard!
You know the feeling you get when you realize Father Christmas is your Dad in disguise?
xarockolipsekittenx's avatar
Morbid but I rather have a soft spot for Death also Two Flower and Tiffany :3 I like
NutmegTardis's avatar
alfred. I love alfred.
BenRG's avatar
Depressingly, for Susan, this was one of the most normal and least traumatic Hogswatch nights that she could remember...
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InsoLENTinsO's avatar
Love it. I like your style my man.
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Love it and happy hogswatch : )
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there's something endlessly humorous about Death in a santa/hogfather suit. It makes me wonder, actually, is nightmare before Christmas a play on Terry Pratchett's Hogfather?
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pretty sure 'Nightmare' actually predates 'Hogfather'... And/or great minds think alike?
Cimorine90's avatar
I suppose. . . . I'm not sure. Lol, I've just gotten into these types of things. . .
M-Night-Wolfalona's avatar
For some reason, this makes me think of Nightmare Before Christmas. And anything that reminds me of TNBC is ALWAYS good. *rushes off to find DiscWorld Series to read*

(*is a terrible fangirl for not having read Discworld series and hangs head in shame*)
Dreamer-T's avatar
Oh I love that book. :XD: Awesome illustration! :D
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Ive looked & commented on some of your other pics, and all i have to say is- I love you. This is great, you did a wonderful job, but i always imagined Susan a little younger...
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
But I forgot Death's fake beard! D:
CanRay's avatar
Poor Death, never could get the "Ho ho ho" down pat.
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TardisTravel's avatar
*cracks up*

Yeah, that's a great scene. Nicely done.
Jthegymnast's avatar
Aww look at Albert what a good little elf!
geek-whisperer's avatar
Hehe, he's wearing a pillow.

I just saw the DvD of the 2-part TV series. It was pretty good, if you get over how slowww it is. (Very British.) Apparently all-capital dialogue sounds like Ian Richardson. This makes me happy.
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