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LABYRINTH - Untenable



Or, to continue in the Imogen Heap 'fluenced vein, Just for now...

Just... one moment, and consequences go hang. A truce, or a surrender, or a dream... I don't know. Jareth was being inscrutable and wouldn't meet my eyes... he's either dissimulating, or disarmed.

It can't possibly last--but just for a moment it is worth worlds.


Commish/request/gift art for =imaginarium , who asked for Jareth'n'Sarah fluff but nicely allowed for me to add angst to my taste. J/S is inconceivable to me otherwise. =D

As usual, any stories or lines that come to mind are welcomed.

Pencil drawing (in the wee small hours) and a little Photoshop CS2. I may scan this again with a better scanner and take it further some day.
In the meantime, I hope the fanart bunnies will bugger off and let me get some real work done, damnit!

LABYRINTH (c) the Jim Henson Company, though Jareth I refuse to believe belongs to anyone but himself.
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Uah I love your Labyrinth art times 3000!!! 🤩🤩😍😍! I keep re-watching this movie every two years or so and I keep falling in love with this pairing over and over again (also with David Bowie, obviously ❤).