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LABYRINTH - Untenable

Or, to continue in the Imogen Heap 'fluenced vein, Just for now...

Just... one moment, and consequences go hang. A truce, or a surrender, or a dream... I don't know. Jareth was being inscrutable and wouldn't meet my eyes... he's either dissimulating, or disarmed.

It can't possibly last--but just for a moment it is worth worlds.


Commish/request/gift art for =imaginarium , who asked for Jareth'n'Sarah fluff but nicely allowed for me to add angst to my taste. J/S is inconceivable to me otherwise. =D

As usual, any stories or lines that come to mind are welcomed.

Pencil drawing (in the wee small hours) and a little Photoshop CS2. I may scan this again with a better scanner and take it further some day.
In the meantime, I hope the fanart bunnies will bugger off and let me get some real work done, damnit!

LABYRINTH (c) the Jim Henson Company, though Jareth I refuse to believe belongs to anyone but himself.
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I love the way you drew jareths face!
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That's cool.
They are so cuuute.
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so so good... SATIATING!
makbluzy2288's avatar
hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your fan art in my labyrinth AMV… so feel free to check it out :D
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I like that song
ArsGratiaAmoris's avatar
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Not... exactly intentional, at the time. Ah welp.
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Obviously, I'm trawling back in time a bit here, revisiting old works.... I probably commented on how much I love this, once upon a time. Jareth is being so possessive, I can only imagine what he's murmuring in the velvet, sexy voice... whatever it is seems to have Sarah firmly in his power.... eeeeeeee!
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Here I am, wondering if this fits into your t-shirt saga....
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Ooh, so beautiful, this is so moving ... :aww:
~ Pris
The-Trikk's avatar
Such a beautiful pose for both of them!!!
NataliaFerrino's avatar
Such a dreaming image! I loved it!
an-ageless-creature's avatar
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simply gorgeous!!
Jenuefa's avatar
I adore the emotion and this expression on her face!! :)
hawthorne-cat's avatar
UST!!! miles and miles of it!!!
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oh Pika, I miss the moody awesome JS stuff. Sorry, that's not a whine, just a longing. :) :P
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
I saw you'd updated...!
Yeah, it's actually been tugging at me a bit at the moment. usually I channel it into moving GND plots forwards, buuuut....
Chamaelirium's avatar
Ha, yes, it had been a while! Life with two wee babes and no Goblin King to wish them away to for 13 hours of babysitting takes its toll. I should try and con you into drawing Sarah in her full bad-ass battle regalia (revealed in my next few chapters, I hope) - shitty oversized stable pants, dress hacked off around the waist, dirty bare feet, and crappy homemade haircut, with all her ragey-type lightning bolts flashing around..... man, I wish I could draw!

And come on..... you know you want to indulge. Feel the angst, breathe it in, ignore the chickins.
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Its so good.
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