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LABYRINTH - Here's the day...



What I really call it that doesn't fit in the title box is Here's the day you hoped would never come, from an Imogen Heap song.


Pencil art and Photoshop CS2. another of those pictures that just wouldn't let me put down my pencil; it took me past 2.30am...
It was also very impatient. I think I should like to come back to it as a proper digital painting with more detail some day, but meanwhile it needed out.
(& I couldn't decide which college Sarah should be wearing the sweater of.)


I don't know what my story is.

Maybe Sarah has just woken up from a dream--of Hoggle warning her, of the Labyrinth in danger, of him... Maybe there was a note with the crystal. Maybe she has just moved away to college and on her first night in her new room, someone is making a point. Maybe it is her birthday. Maybe someone from her college who knows her story is playing a cruel joke. Maybe it is the answer to a prayer. Maybe she has just got back from the school office where she was talking to a hysterical Karen on the phone telling her Toby had disappeared after school that day--and now, this. Maybe she has been staring at it motionless for over an hour now. Maybe he has come to her and then left her this gift--and what parting words?

I challenge anyone to tell me the story of this picture.
Whoever gets it right, I'll do a commission for.

as of March 25, 2007

I have stories!

Paisley Rose, already one of my favourite ficwriters, responded to this most wonderfully : [link]

~Chamaelirium has two one-shots, one which might yet grow into something else, on her dA profile and on

and say a prayer, and prepare for mind-f*ckage with Subtilior's In a Glass, Darkly : [link]

The challenge is still open...
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This is also perfect for your one shot... how was it called... 'One more time with feeling'? So pretty!