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Good Omens - Green Fingers

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"Say goodbye to your little friend..."

Crowley motivating his houseplants by putting the fear of Crowley into them.


From the same flurry of finally getting things finished, and setting myself down to do some halfway decent digital illustration... ha. An experiment in simplification and a slightly more cartoony, clean-line style.

Original sketch is here, btw:

Crowley (c) the ever pwnsome Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
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Plant/demon dictatorship of the finest quality
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This is perfect. Just perfect. I'm a big fan of your work, btw. You are, without a doubt, amazing. :happybounce: 
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Guess What Pika!!! After reading yours and Asher stuff I HAD to read Good Omens!! thank you for portraying this guys so well!!! 
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:D That's great to hear! Glad you enjoyed.
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Crowley is the best
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Yes, this, oh my God, I've been looking all over the place for a picture precisely like this one. :iconbravoplz:
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:D I gave a print to Mr Gaiman.
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woooow, you've actually met him? How awesome! What did he make of it? I bet he liked it. :D
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Ahhhh I reblogged this on tumblr as one of my favourite ever pictures of Crowley. I just love the angle, the expression, everything. You've nailed my headcanon of him. :D And now I found it here on dA, too! Hooray!
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Crowley's poor terrified plants. I always did love that part in the book! Great job! :D
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My favourite scene from this book. He looks awesome !
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My favorite Crowley pic out here <3
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This is so perfect!
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Definitive. Stop.
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Well hell, nothing like the fear of Crowley to brighten one's day.
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.......... why do I find this so hot...
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because crowley is "evil", evil is alluring, he's also a rebel because he stopped the apocalypse (i think, i'm not quite done with the book yet), plus he's good with plants (because he threatens them)! besides, he's got yellow eyes and is always wearing sunglasses! how can that NOT be considered hot?! XD
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OMG how could I have missed this wonderful (and sexy) crowley of yours????
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This was definitely one of my favorite parts of Good Omens. I mean, the whole book was my favorite part, but this made me giggle like a little girl. Well done!
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