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GirlsNextDoor - Introductions

A whole new year of insanity begins!
Presenting the Girls Next Door (well, technically they're upstairs but I liked the name better) ... that is, the girls' side of the Roommates story.

Roommates, starring Jareth, the Phantom of the Opera, Commodore (or Admiral) Norrington, Javert and supporting cast all living in modern apartments and driving one another up the wall is a fancomic by the wonderfully talented and hilarious :iconasherhyder: Go forth and read it, if thou hast not yet done so.

After expressing my boundless admiration and love of the strip, I begged permission to try my hand at a pendant comic... with, naturally, Sarah and Christine in the main roles.

The few times they've appeared in Roommates, the girls have been a sensible, civilizing influence, and stood as a united front against the silly boys.
Expect a lot more craziness and bitching to be going on in their own apartment.

Here's the first one. This is up as a test - please question and critique away and let me know your thoughts on legibility, etc... I'm wondering whether it's worth me inking these, if I have the time...
I have loads of ideas scribbled down, but I'll be very open to suggestions.


This is a work of fanart, and solely intended for shits and giggles. No money is being made by this.
Sarah (c) Henson, Lucas and Connelly.
Christine (c) Leroux and Webber.
Based on an idea by AsheRhyder
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Returning fan who lost what point I had read to.... So what better way to spend my current sleepless night by starting over. I am so deeply impressed with how much you have done/grew scrolling to this point. Seeing the first comic pages feels like coming home after so long. Never gets tiring to come back to and is always refreshing. Always a special place in my heart and will continue to gush/brag about it to people.

Pika-la-Cynique's avatar

Aww. Welcome back, and sorry I still haven't worked out all the navigation kinks in the GND gallery/folder for best reading ease.... dA site updates not helping, bah humbug.

LunaRose51816's avatar

It's honestly fine. It's worth it to scroll and start back at beginning. Promise.

This concept is too good to be true holy shiiiit

I haven't read this series in a while and I forgot where I was so I guess I should just start from the beginning again! :)  
Storyweaver1's avatar
I've read several of these comics in isolation and I liked them so much I'm starting from the beginning. The coffee drinking is deadpan is so deadpan that it cracks me up.
MidnightGhoul22's avatar
I read just the intro and I can already tell that I am hooked. This is fucking gold!!! You have an outstanding and unbelievably breath taking talent!
UmiHoshi's avatar
I dropped GND some time ago, cuz I had reached the point of where you had gotten at that time and I'm easily distracted. and I decided to go reread it again after hearing a musicbox version of as the world goes down ( labyrinthbetweenthestars.tumbl… ) and I just wanna say.... HOLLY HELL, LOOK HOW YOU GREW OVER thOSE 10 YEARS!! O.O
after having just seen your latest update, going back to the very first page is an experience. you've grown so much dear and I'm really proud of you!
also really happy that after all this time the jerah ship is still sailing strong~<3
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
entropia1777's avatar
desearía que estuviera en español TT
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Hay un pocito-pocito de español cuando aparecen a los personajes de 'El Laberinto del Fauno' (GND 109) pero no estoy capaz hacer mas con lo que me recuerdo de mis cursos.
Pero quizas podrias encontrar amigas por alli: building42nonenglish.deviantar…
ArsGratiaAmoris's avatar
Just referred a friend.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I do!!!
Tigeress909's avatar
This is my first time reading this comic and I'm already cracking up at Sarah and Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \
Nezzier's avatar
Re-reading your comic for the umpteenth time, and it just keeps getting better and better!!!
Mad-Monkey-Queen's avatar
The last panel is my favorite. XD

I feel kind of dumb, but I'm going to ask. Who is the girl Sara moved in with?
TheMusicOfTheNight13's avatar
She is Christine Daaé, from Phantom of the Opera.
Mad-Monkey-Queen's avatar
Thought so, though I don't know the names of anyone from The Phantom of the Opera, I just know what a few of them look like.
Samonochrome's avatar
I'm VERY late to the Labyrinth fandom but considering I'm new I get to discover a lot of cool and romantic fics, art, and photos of this awesome film ^^ Can't wait to start reading this :D
monpettitpapillon's avatar
it's so strange see how much has changed your drawning<<< bad english
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