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GND37 - Paging Captain Obvious

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Published: October 14, 2008
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I hadn't yoinked Leggy-poo into this madness yet. Snerk.

Alas. I tried, but there's just no imitating Orlando Bloom's look of gormless profundity when he delivers that "red dawn" line in 'Two Towers'...
(or "A diversion!"... )

*wistful fangirl sigh* Thery're so cute when they actually get along...


Dropping off the radar this week, mostly, thus the early upload. :)


This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles. Not mine, not making money from it.

Sarah and Jareth (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Connelly and Bowie
Legorlando (c) Tolkien (distantly), New Line Cinema, Peter Jackson and Orlando Bloom

Based on the original Roommates comic by ~AsheRhyder
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Eryan14Student Filmographer
TWO panels of looking moodily into the shadows? You're begging for obnoxious narration Jareth you big drama queen 
Flimflanboy's avatar
FlimflanboyHobbyist General Artist
Really Legolas? Does yonder lie the castle of your father?
doodlebugRP's avatar
"Gormless profundity..."
What a marvelous way you have with words.
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AnaxErik4everHobbyist Writer
Whatever happened to Legolas?  I know Cheryl and he got an invite to Eponine's ball, among others in attendance, but we haven't seen him in use since then.  And no dialogue boxes/incidental panels for shits and giggles for Legolas lately either.
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CaseMaydayHobbyist Traditional Artist
*laughter ensues*
BlitzwingRox's avatar
BlitzwingRoxHobbyist Writer
I read it in Orlando Bloom's voice...oh gosh
glitterlabyrinth's avatar
This has quickly become my most favourite thing on the entire internet. 
aloragreenleaf's avatar
aloragreenleafHobbyist Traditional Artist
L... L... LEGOLAS?!?! *faints* 
EatsShootsAndLeaves's avatar
Best thing about this page is angry Sarah sitting in a huff in panel 2.
Second best thing is Leggy casually wearing his cape and quiver of arrows around the building during his c**k blocking activities. Is he messing with Jareth on purpose? Because it feels like it's on purpose. :D
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Well I really wanted that ''taking the Hobbits to Isengard!'' vibe, hence the straight-up visuals. Possibly was also his first appearance in GND, so I went for as recognizable as possible....
Also, the visual of him bounding energetically about the corridors in full Three Hunters mode amused me.
I don't ...think is on purpose?
EatsShootsAndLeaves's avatar
Yeah... I suppose if Leggy's new in the building, he wouldn't have reason (yet) to be purposely messing with Jareth's mojo. ;)
Moonstone27's avatar
Moonstone27 General Artist
This is a very interesting building:lmao:. Makes me wonder who the landlord isXD
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Landlady. Revealed later on. :)
Moonstone27's avatar
Moonstone27 General Artist
Oooh I'll have to keep reading XD. I'm at.... hmmm a little after Halloween:3
MissMcGuire's avatar
It's the last 'lo!' that gets me. 
LadyDesmoria's avatar
LadyDesmoriaStudent General Artist
Mood crasher thy name is Legolas
NightShadow13's avatar
"Be still my cold, villainous heart." XD! That was perfect.
moonbaby17's avatar
moonbaby17Student Digital Artist
So close. :XD:
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AssassinPsycheHobbyist Writer
Dumb elf, Jareth almost got invited in. Thank you Master of the Flipping Obvious. What next? Tell us Alcohol=Drunk?
dragonkingofthestars's avatar
that last line should be LOL
DaEvilKitty's avatar

…Jareth can poof into anywhere he likes, and she’s worried about him being able to unlock a door with magic? Um, yeah, sure, the ability is worrying, but she can’t forget the poofing places, surely?

Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Well at this point, it bears smugly pointing out by the author, Jareth has not in fact been shown on-page to glitter-poof around much, and never into the girls' apartment yet. Spy crystals, underwear-stealing minions, slipping in through open windows and coincidentally just walking past the open front door, yes, but not glitter-poofing in. Also, some continuity - his first glitter-poofing into 4b happens on Sarah's express "Jareth I need you" invitation, so while I'm not saying vampire tropes apply, worth keeping in mind.
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AnaxErik4everHobbyist Writer
Definitely one of the best moments for the webshow, and one of the best pages too! Love Legolas in the last line of panels! :huggle: I was never attached to you romantically, but you, Elrond, and the other elves of the LotR universe, helped give my taste for elves.
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thegoodsamaritanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, yes. Making sure the U remains in UST.
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