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GND179- Monster Hunters, Part I - The Dresden File

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Published: March 21, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 Pika-la-Cynique
Patching continuity issues with 'Roommates' ( [link] )

Anyone unfamiliar with Harry [Blackstone Copperfield] Dresden - good golly goodness, is that a search bar top right corner of your browser?
In a nutshell of awesome - Chicago Police's occult consultant, wizard private investigator, unhappy faery godson, snarky genre-savvy narrator of getting his ass handed to him by serious Big Bads, walking techbane, tendency to apply massive fireballs to tricky situations. Works with Bob, a very knowledgeable, lecherous spirit housed in a skull.
(Great book series, and one so-so TV show.)

He is not letting go of his staff because the girls' apartment kinda reeks, fig'ratively speaking, of Fae magic and it's making him a tad nervous. [Assume this is Books 1-5-ish power levels Dresden...]

He also crosses over nicely with Labyfic. Proof in the pudding: [link]

(If you don't get the Marsha joke, then obviously you have yet to see 'Spaced'. Why is that?)

And you can shush your crazy requests, I have my laundry list of cameos to come for this arc of Monster Hunter interviews. :)


This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles. Not mine, not making money from it.

Sarah (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Connelly
Gip (c) me
Chistine (c) Leroux and Webber
Harry Dresden and Bob (c) Jim Butcher

Based on the original Roommates comic by *AsheRhyder
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FlimflanboyHobbyist General Artist
Was Ash not available?
4eyes0soul's avatar
4eyes0soulHobbyist Writer
Dresden's all you need.
loonieluna's avatar
loonielunaHobbyist General Artist
Now that i have read some of the dresden books the comedy is even better, i would feel bad for him if bob was actually bogged *shiver*
Kryptoknight01's avatar
Kryptoknight01Student Traditional Artist
And now on top of everything else, Dresden is in the mix.  Oh my gods do I love this comic.
Aiyukilove7's avatar
Wait if he's a faerie's godson....and everybody magic is related.... Doesn't that make him another of Jareth's relatives somewhere along the line?
caffeinedelusions's avatar
That might require charting the 'family tree' of the Winter Court. I'm more inclined to just imagine that it means they know people in common. 
talisath's avatar
talisathHobbyist General Artist
HAHAHA, Harry Dresden, oh, you're the best!
Alleluia00's avatar
Alleluia00Hobbyist Writer
When was Harry first mentioned?
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
In Roommates.
Alleluia00's avatar
Alleluia00Hobbyist Writer
Oh okay. When was the first time you mentioned him?
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
That'd be this page here.
Alleluia00's avatar
Alleluia00Hobbyist Writer
Oh okay. I had thought I'd remembered seeing him be mentioned before. Eh, oh well. It's still a good comic, keep up the good work.
MangaLover592's avatar
I hated it gen they made out...
MissMcGuire's avatar
'Again'? When did that happen?
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Midsummer Yuri outtake.
GuesssWho9's avatar
GuesssWho9Hobbyist General Artist
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moonbaby17's avatar
moonbaby17Student Digital Artist
Too late.
What's done is done. :XD:
Heercums-N-Oxymoron's avatar
Heercums-N-OxymoronHobbyist Writer
Sooo..if Norrington and Javert live beneath the girls, Erik and Jareth live above them and Harry lives in the basement....COULD YOU PLLEASSE DRAW A MAP OF THE APARTMENT BUILDING AND ITS OCCUPENTS????!!!! beg 
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Akshully Jareth and Erik live below the girls, though readers often seem to assume otherwise...? James and Javert, also on the third floor, but the appartments don't quite map put identically from floor to floor, obviously (because Rule of Funny > logical physics ).

Maaaaybe one day it'll tickle my fancy. Right now, drawing a map sounds like a lot of work, and possibly something that could bite me in the plots later.
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KyndsieHobbyist Writer
Given how matter-of-factly Sarah instructs the bogging, I'm thinking that she's at least thought about it before. Even if this is her first "official" bogging. She's waaaaaaaaaaay to comfortable with taking such action for this to be an unrehearsed decision. Possibly she has been considering it as a solution to various things along the way, and now was just the perfect opportunity.

Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
It may be her first "sentient creature"-bogging, but I rather suspect she's found that command to be a time-saving alternative to making a trip to the dump on clean-out days.
Kyndsie's avatar
KyndsieHobbyist Writer
...especially when cleaning out the refrigerator, or school papers she's done with. :D
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ToddNTheShiningSwordHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol that song:music:
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