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GND125 - Gossip Girls



In which we finally see a page of the girls' daily lives at uni, and the author has some kind of problem with reconciling her feminist drives and desire to pass the Bechdel Test with the fact that she is, essentially, scripting a fanservice-heavy romcom.

OK, so there is a LOT going on between the lines here.

- You would not believe how long I sweated over whether Chihiro would accept to be called by the diminutive "Chi" re: her canon learning experience, but I came to the conclusion that all in all she's chill on that by now. Also, she has short hair now (the shiny hair-tie thingy she now wears as a bracelet), and yes, is a very good swimmer...
- Mina does not look like her DTS counterpart, sadly, but rather ironically takes after the actress who portrayed her in that problematic Coppola movie. She also seems to have become a very modern-thinking and elegant young lady (hello, "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" comic-verse) who is probably doing Women's Studies or Journalism, and writing a thesis on "Reactionary Gender Roles & Implicit Misogyny in the works of Stephanie Meyer" and blatantly mouthpiecing an Author Tract.
- Christine's issues with "Bit Lit" characters? I can't quite logically explain. Maybe one too many "Erik is actually a vampire!1!" fanfic, and a little rivalry between Gothic Romance templates?
- And yes, technically Christine shouldn't even be at the Wibsy table, but the whole "Opera Ghost" quasi-supernatural angle to her novel was heavily played up and the end result is pretty similar, so is let slide.
- Susan. Ah, The Problem With Susan. Yeah, that 'ship with Prince Caspian seemed out of left field to me and has left the character - here modelled after the movie actress somewhat - a bit confused.
- Lydia is a very happy out-of-the-closet Goth these days. (and no, BJ will probably not be shown in this comic as of current plans.)
- Since Lizzie is married to a undead psychopomp, she's in.
- Newbie Shilo is accepted as GraveRobber certainly qualifies as a weirdo, and besides being socially reprehensible does have that odd narrating thing going on.

Any favourite characters of yours that are in a mortal girl/strange boyfriend relationship that I didn't fit in here, assume their timetables make for a different lunch period but they still are part the Wibsy club, right?

Slight addendo to answer several comments:
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer numbers neither in the Wibsy nor Fangbanger clubs, and instead hangs out at a table with her usual gang of Scoobies.
- Despite Ursula showing up earlier, Disney and Disney princess should be considered still fictional in-universe, until it is convenient for me to retcon that, at least.
- Check out TVtropes' "Magical Girlfriend" article (telling that it's gender opposite does not exist) for the corresponding boys' club, although I think that one is based in Japan....



This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles and the occasional soapbox stand. Not mine, not making money from it.

Shilo and Graverobber (c) Smith, Zdunich, and Bousman.
Christine Daaé (c) Leroux and Webber
Sarah (c) Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Elizabeth (c) Disney and Bruckheimer
Mina Harker (c) Bram Stoker via F.F. Coppola, James V. Hart and Colombia Pictures, via Alan Moore
Lydia Deetz (c) Tim Burton and WB
Susan Pevensie (c) C.S. Lewis, Walden Media
Chihiro (c) Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, Disney

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Never thought of how many supernatural/weird couples I ship 😅💖