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GND Commish Birthday Special: Rebecca and Co.
By Pika-la-Cynique   |   Watch
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Published: February 28, 2013
© 2013 - 2019 Pika-la-Cynique
Inkwash and pen.
This was a commissioned GND birthday speshul for a group of friends - Jake (really tho), Abigail, Patricia, Dalton, Hattie and Rebecca. THEY ARE THE CHARACTERS YOU CAN"T RECOGNIZE. Swear to Jim, anyone ask any dumb questions without reading the Artist Comments here....

(Commission cost $60 plus postage of the original artwork. I'll let you know if and when I go back to taking on odd jobs like this, right now is le busy.)

Real people belong to themselves.
Sarah and Jareth, Sweeney Todd and Bunny, Az and Crowley, Erik and Christine (c) Not Mine.
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Phoneix-Faerie's avatar
Phoneix-FaerieHobbyist General Artist
this is a very good commission, im sure they loved it
WhiteWolffie's avatar
Purring evil bunnies, for the win. lol
hawthorne-cat's avatar
hawthorne-catProfessional General Artist
Page-Mistress's avatar
Funny, the only people that bunny doesn't hurt are blood-thirsty maniacs...

...Wow, hope that doesn't say something about her!

Maybe she's just so sweet it's affected by it so long as it's in her presence.
Mali-chan's avatar
Mali-chanHobbyist General Artist
Umm... and women in general. It was an adorable fluffy bunny to Sarah and Christine too. Just to turn around and attack Legolas. :D
Page-Mistress's avatar
So if Arthur had brought Guinevere along on the trip, they would have still had a Holy Hand Grenade to use on the castle with the Grail in it and possibly gotten away before those cops came to arrest all of them?
BeautifulPsychosis's avatar
Hahahahahaha! Oh, you win ALL THE AWARDS.
Osanagokoro's avatar
OsanagokoroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my lord this is adorbs. You have me actually considering commissioning you....
hinakiba777's avatar
I'm just confused by the bunny.
Sanriko's avatar
SanrikoStudent Digital Artist
I was thinking that it was the bunny from Monty Python's the Search for the Holy Grail XD
SereanaDaisyBuns's avatar
SereanaDaisyBunsStudent Artist
You have a bunch of lovely friends c:
MuseWhimsy's avatar
MuseWhimsyHobbyist General Artist
I think the jokes are so good it stands well by itself~ The commission guests fit in perfectly~:heart:
BugeishaKyasarin's avatar
I love the "Not Jacob from Twilight" sign! It would be so cool if I had a bunch of friends who were willing to chip in for a commission featuring us... but I'm the only one I know who reads this, so they'd be like "wtf?" *Wistful thinking*
two-tailed-cat's avatar
two-tailed-catHobbyist General Artist
... I did not know rabbits can purr... Then again that's a monster rabbit... So, monster rabbits can purr.
hesterj's avatar
I used to raise rabbits. They purred, squealed like pigs, grunted, snorted, and all kinds of weird noises. ^_^
two-tailed-cat's avatar
two-tailed-catHobbyist General Artist
O_9 .... Alright then. You learn something new everyday.
hesterj's avatar
I know. the interwebs are a terrifying place sometimes. lol
Indigo-Night-Wisp's avatar
Are they really all that adorable? ;) Good stuff. I'm with Az: love that coat.
AmbreeChristineSkye's avatar
Aww! I widdle bunny!! I love party scenes like this, wish everyone a happy birthday for me! :cake:
AnnaPoell's avatar
AnnaPoellHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thunder-Star's avatar
Thunder-StarHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, this is awesome! ;D The blurb with Erik and Christine in the corner had me chuckling muchly. X'D
Jeweliedolly96's avatar
Jeweliedolly96Hobbyist General Artist
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