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GND 309 - TOS

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Published: September 27, 2017
© 2017 - 2019 Pika-la-Cynique
In which it really was a very, very long Date Night for Sarah. No, no enclaves of Pervistan for you, Jareth! You're going to have to work something else out...

Kinda building on, or sh*tting all over? stuff established in Roommates a loooooong time ago: Roommates 50 - Boundaries by AsheRhyder





This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles. Not mine, not making money from it.

Jareth, Sarah [Labyrinth] (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Bowie&Connelly
Christine Daaé, Raoul de Chagny [Phantom of the Opera] (c) Leroux and Webber

Based on the original Roommates comic by *AsheRhyder
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"Bite my vetoes" XD
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OMG, OMG, OMG. This comic never disappoints. Is Jareth going to annex Sarah's closet? Mirror? Can't wait to see!
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Still following eagerly - I can't wait to see how things will continue...hopefully soon...
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I just (mostly) bing-read GND for the first time and I love it! My giggling over Greebo in the earlier comics got my husband interested and now he's hooked too (and may have binge-read faster than I did)... despite him not particularly liking the Labyrinth or Phantom. That's a pretty impressive testament to how awesome this comic is!

So, thanks for creating this! We're looking forward to more!
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Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
:D Aww, thanks for saying so.
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IgenlodeStudent Traditional Artist
Presumably Jareth is not going to admit that he already knows exactly where the Viscount's rooms are located, and indeed has been snooping through the window...
GND162 - Au Coeur du Probleme by Pika-la-Cynique
(Also, I'd completely forgotten that poor Raoul got mindwiped again as a minor convenience during that episode: GND 161. Christine was already questioning whether Crowley's cavalier approach to his memories was likely to be harmful at that point... so all the angst at this stage seems a bit ironic. Basically, there's one rule for demons and one rule for goblin monarchs.)

Our bathroom/my bedroom are both out of bounds? I take it that leaves the living room... or Christine's bedroom ;) (Wink)
Also, Portkeys aren't two-way, but presumably this is. So it has to toggle bakwards and forwards between the Glo
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Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
He knows where Raoul's place is, but still needs to be in situ to create the anchoring point of destination for the spell.

Well - with it being explicitly Crowley shown doing the 2nd mindwipe on Raoul with no qualms on-page, that does put it down clearly as an action by Team Evil - and the current angst being about levels of villainy and trustworthiness, for all that Jareth is officially "WTFae cucumber error" outside the classic dichotomy of Good and Evil, his reformation/redemption brings him closer to that scale of values, so it's not so entirely irrelevant...

Iirc Portkeys are indeed two-way (eg. how Harry escapes with the Goblet of Fire)? and certainly Luna's variation of the Porta-crystal as she had with her on her jaunt Underground was functionally an open return ticket.
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IgenlodeStudent Traditional Artist
Interesting that Jareth's attempts at reformation have the awkward side-effect of rendering him subject to moral judgement - after all, if the Fae are neither Good nor Evil, then when one of them actively tries to be Good he lays himself open for his previous 'neutrally' self-centred actions to be considered Evil in comparison :(
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IgenlodeStudent Traditional Artist
Oops, sorry - yet another 'emergency send mid-typo' comment...

I think Portkeys in Harry Potter normally operate in only one direction (they collect up the 'used' Portkeys during the Quidditch World Cup, so presumably those ones won't be used again). If I remember correctly, the Goblet had been sabotaged with an extra Portkey spell on it so that it transported the first person to touch it straight to Voldemort instead of taking said victor to the winner's enclosure - presumably it was easier to do that than to alter the existing spell and change the destination. So once that spell had been triggered, the next person to touch it set off the original spell.

(Which suggests that it would be perfectly possible for wizards to create bi-directional Portkeys by layering spells, if only they were flexibly-minded enough! And whatever one may say about Luna's mind, it's certainly wide-open and flexible...)

What I was trying to say when I got interrupted was that presumably the spell-crystal has to toggle backwards and forwards between the Goblin Kingdom and the normal world... but sadly I no longer remember what the outcome of that train of logic was intended to be :(

(If it's going to be an embassy, how about Sir Didymus for official attache? ;) Both Sarah and Christine could probably live with that, and his etiquette at least is immaculate...)
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Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Hmm. Potter Wikia is vague but seems to allows for back-and-forth touch activation. The World Cup was a particular organization of timed "tickets" for a massive event....

(an aparté: Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series did an absolutely wonderful job of exploiting what you brush upon there - creating a world with an everyday use of minor magics and established warfare using elemental powers that is sensical and inventive to read aboout - and THEN having protags think of new and creative ways to exploit said familiar powers... thinking "flexibly"...)
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IgenlodeStudent Traditional Artist
Reminds me of The Two Year Emperor a fanfic in which the protagonist exploits the Dungeons & Dragons rules exactly as written,  with the mind of a lawyer/engineer...
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kibasgirl4everStudent Traditional Artist
Thank for continuing to make me smile and helping Jareth and Sarah to put us all out of our misery lol.  Keep being amazing!
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"Bite my vetoes" is going to be my response to my sulky husband from now on. 
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Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
hahaha, oops?

(glad it is appreciated, it was a last-minute tweak!)
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He's a lawyer trying to run in a local election, "Bite my vetoes" is brilliant :)
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CHeMnICORnHobbyist General Artist
Sarah/Jareth politics are so much more fun than real politics....
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Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Wordy MacWord.

Also darnit making jokes about vain petty autocratic bullies holding absolute power just ain't as funny anymore.
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I just have to say, Bravo!

I've been following GND since its nascence with great interest. The humor, clever writing, and well-thought-out dialogue paired with engaging artwork make this a treat to read! I would say keep up the good work, but that is a given.

I recently re-read (well, "binged" is more like) all of GND recently to relive the feels. Best idea I've had in a long while.

Anyway, I was wondering if you had any plans for the Bog King and Marianne (aka, the other goblin king and his brunette) from Strange Magic to make an appearance? I feel like the ground is ripe with comedic fodder there.

Oh, oh! And I wonder what the goblins from Trollhunters would think of their Froudian cousins. :-D
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Many thanks for typing out your kind words. :)

I've yet to see Strange Magic, though I've been tipped off before to some familiar and well-liked dynamics showing up there!
Vladthe1nhaler's avatar
You are most Welcome! GND has helped me laugh through some difficult times. :-)

Strange Magic is a fun watch, and the animation is stunning. It is a musical though, in the truest sense of the word. The VA for its goblin king has a very familiar profile, if you follow my meaning.
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You should do; I think you'd enjoy it. It's not perfect; but it IS a heck of a lot of fun.
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This is actually a quite reasonable and practical sort of compensation... props to Sarah! And Jareth, this is why we love you despite everything.
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KereeaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the line "bite my vetos"
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I sorrrrt of feel that Sarah has gone more morally ambiguous than I would have expected - given that Jareth wiped Christine's memory I thought he would apologise and give her memory back to her in a crystal or something, but instead both Jareth and Sarah are effectively buying Christine off with a magical transporter. So Christine is being exposed to more of Goblin King magic, which is sort of what started this in the first place. I mean, I'm sure she'll like the convenience of popping over to Paris, but... sort of doesn't sit right with character moral code continuity. And everybody's ok with it. Did I miss something!? (c) Timon from the Lion King.
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