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#draftingroyalpolicieswiththebae #goblinmonarchsinsession #anythingisathronewiththerightattitude

In which the author hopes she isn't punching above her weight class since she does NOT have the university-level notions of the law & politics stuff that Sarah is meant to be throwing about. Haha.
(Interestingly enough there's recurrent fanon that Sarah's dad is a lawyer, no....?)

.... aaaaaand should be lightening things soon!





This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles. Not mine, not making money from it.

Jareth, Sarah [Labyrinth] (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Bowie&Connelly

Based on the original Roommates comic by *AsheRhyder
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They need to find their balance and this is a very good place ! ! !

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I've actually been enjoying the drama. Not that I don't equally enjoy the funny. ^_^

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Dancing jig for working on healthy relationships

I can’t believe she’s The Good Place-ing him
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;) It's all wee and pixellated but she has a book from Chidi's course material beside her here....
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Oh Lord. "Sarah-I-am-not-a-republican-why-are-you-doing-this-that-way-lies-chickenz"

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! BUILD that common foundation based on a mutual understanding of values. BUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILD!

(Also, YES! Would love to hear more about The Underground. Are there book series in particular, or myths, which inform your understanding of that realm, or is it off-the-cuff?)
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Ha! That is a wonderful rephrasing. :D

Welp, I've hoovered up vast quantities of labyfic of all shades and qualities over the years, some of that has probably coalesced with other material somehow or other. Again, I have to acknowledge the great debt of creative freedom I owe to the gift of AsheRhyder's Building-verse excuse of a setting, the not quite-AU post-canon cohabitation of these characters and their unfinished business - ready, set, FRICTION!! and gleeful ridicule; freeing one entirely from the rather inevitable question posed by most Labyrinth fanfic sequels of how Jareth and Sarah come to cross paths again - kidnap or kingdom in crisis - the stakes tending to affect their rapport. I mean, whee, there's been a decade's worth of bickering and angst and relationship creep in this comic with me barely needing to touch the Sarah-has-to-choose-a-world or Jareth-has-harsh-magical-duties or the Mayfly/December tropes; beloved, familiar ground to me as a fic reader, dead-horsey and troublingly committing as a storyteller who has this whole wacky and unique crossover playground otherwise.

I guess, in some ways I am exploring the issues of JS rather thoroughly for myself and taking people on a ride to my shippy mind palace; in others, this is very much an incomplete version of those characters and not truly a Labyrinth sequelfic. (Psychology What Plot?, perhaps?)
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I suppose that the "room mate" idea sets the tone a bit for the whole thing, slapstick rather than High Drama. I suspect that it's rather the appeal of this genre: there's not much in the way of artificial tension. I mean, of course you have enchanted ballrooms (but enough about the Royal Presence), but the issues that we see and care about here are things that are *real*. People do come from different places and different mindsets, and these issues have to be addressed in the real world. It's one of the reasons I love Butcher and find that Hamilton has grown cold. One features real people in a magical world, the other has magical worlds and simply players in the scene. Fantastic Issues may cause us to tense up and read on hoping that the Enchanted Queen will be vanquished, but watching family tension play out brings out empathy.

I suspect that's why you've generated the G.K. squad: he seems to have the biggest bag of issues, and thus has come alive to the fans.
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I appreciate what you're saying, but really, GK comes pre-equiped with fangirl squad, c'mon.

(Fanfic really is a lot about that filler/human stuff, innit? Like, yes, thank you, good job content creator, these are interesting and vivid characters I want to watch them just exist and interact without CLIFFHANGER PREGNANCY BACKSTAB MONSTER ATTACK OF THE WEEK disruptions.....)
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While I can't count myself among that particular number, I have always found the character to be compelling. "King of those things wished away" is a heartbreaking title.

I think that's one of the enduring qualities of fanfic: it grows, and not just beyond the OC, but in terms of itself. I could (for example, I have no idea if you have any interest in this avenue) see the Vanquished Victors progress to the point where we have Uncle Toby and issues of education and parenting. And in fanfic, the road might be fraught with chickn rebellion and glittery temper tantrums, but it's simply a natural outgrowth of the characters.

But then, fanfic authors are more free to express the characters without being confined by studio execs and laugh tracks.
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I can't help feeling that Jareth would probably like (or at least understand) the concept of Sarah making him jump through arbitrary hoops for the power trip of it rather better than trying to fathom out the complicated requirements of a conscience!

I notice she's not trying to make him promise to stop mind-controlling people per se (well, goes with the job). Just people she happens to care about...
I also enjoy Jareth's casual reference to her 'vassals' :D

But why the sudden dismay in the last line? Is it just the whole concept of yet another field of law to read up on?
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It's odd how there are some self-denying extremes Jareth will go to for the sake of his masochistic villain crush, and then unpredictably have his cold-kingly-pride kick in.

Sarah is a pragmatic young lady, and not a through-and-true Goodness paladin type, and she is starting to grapple with the practicalities of cross-alignment dating.... One starts with manageable goals and objectives over grand absolute (utterly non-intuitive to other party) principles. Also, in this 'verse it has been explicitly stated there is a case to be made for mind-wiping as applied for Good - we still don't know who actually won the debate in Raoul's case, but an actual angel went to bat on the idea that it can be a "white lie" sort of kindness and mercy (admittedly a slightly humanity-smudged angel, but nevertheless), so it seems needlessly extremist and short-sighted to ban such methods completely. Sarah may run into bloody-minded uni admins or petty obstructive co-workers at some future point and her qualms about applying Fae hoodoo to such botherations I think might turn out to be few.

Sarah's sobering realization is a mild case of hoist-by-her-own-petard, as she is invoking respect for existant, established laws and customs, and yes, therefore it being only fair that she needs to do her own extra-curricular studying of what informs Jareth's frames of reference - besides another reminder that for all her natural tendencies to (often unwittingly) bend and shatter rules and very definite insistence on her free will, what she may be getting into by entering a relationship with the Goblin King is very likely to become a bit more complicated than just modern college-style dates and UST-resolving glttery nookie.
You might find useful. It's a plain-language-and-examples guide through a law education, as written by a practicing lawyer (when he's not busy with casework; updates are sometimes sporadic as a result). Right now, he's starting to get into constitutional law, but there are already solid sections on criminal law and criminal procedure (I could see His Royal Exact-Wordsiness having some fun with that one), and some fun/helpful infographics throughout.
Sure, happy to do the favor of adding more reading to your already busy life.

The comic remains great, by the way.
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Thank you, this is a great resolution to the discussion they've been having. Love the character growth and development over the course of the comic!!
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Took a break from studying for the Nevada State Bar, and what do I find? More law stuff.
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... but this comes with snogging and gratuitious shirtlessness!

...sorry ^^;
honestly, the snogging and gratuitious shirtlessness absolutely did make up for any momentary exasperation/weeping. Beautiful page :D
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#anythingisathronewiththerightattitude amazing.
Everything you draw is amazing!!
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I'm rereading from the beginning again, and comparing your earlier art to what you've got now... your skills have improved dramatically, it's amazing. I'm looking especially at the first 10 comics vs these last few (going back further to find various characters) and damn Pika, you're doing fantastic.
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I love the jargon in all of this.
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