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GND 302 - Open and Shut (up)

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By Pika-la-Cynique   |   Watch
Published: June 22, 2017
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WELP bis.

(a minor ellipsis between pages there so that you don't have to read through a repeat of Jareth's confession; do assume that he has been as entirely frank and self-inculpating as he is here.)





This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles. Not mine, not making money from it.

Jareth, Sarah [Labyrinth] (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Bowie&Connelly

Based on the original Roommates comic by *AsheRhyder
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MakennaWinchesterHobbyist General Artist
Hehe... butt.
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IgenlodeStudent Traditional Artist
I have to say I like the way that Jareth's immediate response is to start making technical comparisons on the quality of his spellcasting!
Erik is, of course, at least partly to blame, in that it was he who misjudged what the Goblin King would consider as a betrayal of his confidence, and one to be aggressively defended... (i.e. he put Christine in potential danger from Jareth)

But... as a non-involved party, I can't help the words 'mountain', 'molehill', 'storm' and 'teacup' coming to mind here.
Jareth could have done very much nastier things to Christine; one could even argue that she ended up having a more enjoyable ball experience with her own escort as a result of not worrying about possible sinister plots for the rest of the event ;p  Jareth never, in fact, showed any signs of doing anything to Sarah during the ball (the boot ended up on the other foot -- he tried too hard to be the perfect host in the hopes of impressing her!)

As Jareth points out, if Sarah is that upset she can simply tell Christine what happened (Raoul managed to work his memory lapse out for himself).

Her most urgent concern would seem to be the business about considering her friends as "easily manipulated mortal pawns' whose opinion of him is irrelevant... and, well, he is the Goblin King. It goes with the territory.  (If he cares about her mortal opinion, that's something of a miracle!)
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LunaRose51816Hobbyist General Artist
I do have to say... for a cartoon character... He has a nice butt. Bravo Pika! Bravo on your art work here. Absolutely beautiful.
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tmwillson3Hobbyist General Artist
There are lots of things to like about this page. There's talking, Sarah's facial expressions, and that fine image of Jareth from behind. I'm a very happy fangirl.
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I've just got to ask: Am I the ONLY one who finds THIS part more fanservice-y than the make out page? Just, well… lots of people kiss all the time. It's is nice and all, but it's a bit… nondescript, I guess? I don't ship just any couple kissing, I ship THESE TWO SPECIFICALLY. And it's not like I didn't love it, and grin like a maniac or anything. But THIS? This is both of them being SO VERY THEMSELVES. This is SPECIFIC. This is Sarah and Jareth, through and through.

The kissing made me grin like a maniac. THIS makes me go back and reread it again and again, and grin like a maniac and fall more in love with both of them every single time. This, to my sensibilities, is pure shipper's gold.

Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Nah, same here. :) I mean, I tried to keep characterization in mind and not just pose the pretty kissy dolls, but I have far more fun getting them to bounce off one another and talk and interact...
Thanks for pointing out and enjoying and all.
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I know that I've said it before, but it merits repeating: I absolutely *adore* the way that he's not human. Yes, he's pretty. Yes, he can *learn*. But this isn't his morality, and he doesn't just *know* the things we'd expect humans to know. And, it seems, our Victor is finally coming to grasp just what that means.

Your art is fun and pretty, but I adore the way you write.
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Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
Gotta say, these pages have been particularly fun what with the Poor Lovelorn GK Defense Squad in the comments (and some pretty legit points about the double-standard and his being Under Pressure and all) and the fact that on-page His Nibs is, as described elsewhere, pretty much heaping the coals on himself and not trying to minimize or excuse his actions at all, because he remains a somewhat self-loathing fatalist whose pride kicks in at odd moments and in strange directions.

and many thanks.
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And binging again...

SOOOOO much double standard - but the CONSEQUENCES. We're finally getting to see the ripples hit the edge of the pond and our Victor is finally getting the information she needs to make real decisions about what the future looks like. Not simply actions, but points of view, ways of understanding, and how they are going to push down on our G.K. - and our Victor - in ways that no man asked for.
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GimchiHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like this page. I love open confessions and drama! Also, it helps that you made Sarah's speech text darker, so it was easier to differentiate between hers and Jareth's.
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sistermelliferaHobbyist Writer
Oh man, the admission that he'd "do it again" (and worse!) I wasn't expecting-- I'm curious to see how Sarah works through her feelings on this. He's not presenting it as a threat or an ultimatum, but the collateral risk is no joke! (shades of Once More With Feeling ... *starts humming "Where Do We Go From Here"*) 
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ashley-fStudent General Artist
Gotta say I love the fan commentary and discussion almost just as much as the comic themselves.
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Welcome to the reading-all-the-comments-club?
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Pika-la-CyniqueProfessional General Artist
yessssss I am fed
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Pika, you slay me on the regular with the quality of your work. Thank you, thank you.
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i didn't have a laptop for a while. mine kind of imploded, so no internet access. 


i missed the last 6 pages and omg. what an absolute friggen delight to come back to!!!!!! 
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Blood-666-AngelHobbyist Photographer
Oh how delicious this page is! Everything is still tenuous. Sarah isn't sure how mad to be so Jareth is simply offering straight reasons because he doesn't yet know how much trouble he is in, and thus, does not know how much coal and accelerant to heap over himself. 

A lot of people seeing maturity, and that is more than likely part of it, but I see two people unsure of how this is going to explode. It's like expecting a bomb to go off after the counter gets to one and nothing happens. In the confusion you're left wondering, you want to touch it, move it or get away but you don't know how to respond because what was a second ago a definitive and decisive series of events has not occurred. 


Eagerly awaiting the next instalment. 
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SuzunomikoHobbyist Writer
I love Sarah's statement in the last panel.  On one hand that was probably romantic to a Fae being, on the other hand, humans looking at the same situation from their moral standard have to look at it all cockeyed before that swims into focus, and even then it's still a bit blurry.
ON THAT NOTE; Did Jareth just confirm that it was Az who erased Raoul's memories because they decided it was a good thing for him, or did he merely refer to them both as angels because Crowley still technically is one, just fallen?  If anyone could get a sense of whodunit it's a Fae.  Even if their powers essentially have the same origin point he'd probably be able to tell the difference between individual casters, as it were.
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marysebardolphHobbyist Writer
Soooo much to mull over - you are amazing in the level of intrigue and character development and fascinating details and callbacks.  Pika, you are AMAZING.  I love your work.

Been reading comments, and the general debate about Jareth's character development and whether he and Sarah can ever actually work out.  So, my thoughts, as I wish I could address them to Ms. Williams herself.  (Sorry, it got long!)

Sarah, honey, *he is fae*.  They are not equipped with the same moral compass as us.  This is a man who thinks stealing babies is an everyday event.  And look at the history of the fae - they kidnap (or just seduce) mortals all the time.  You wander into a fairy ring or fairy fort, and make the mistake of eating their food, and you'll be trapped forever.  Jareth is perfectly capable of simply stealing you away to the Underground and, by force or manipulation, taking what he wants.  That might even be relatively normal, for his kind.

Decide what you want, Sarah.  If you want a normal, psychologically healthy 21st century romance, you will never get that with fae.  Never.  Tell Jareth so, and make him move on, and go find yourself an ordinary man.

But you won't.  Because you don't want that.  You want the grand sweeping fairytale romance, you want heroes and villains and magic and larger-than-life stories.  Guess what?  No fairytale is entirely PC by modern sensibilities!  Snow White marries the guy who kisses her awake, Cinderella gets married because of her shoe size, and Belle could be argued to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. 

Jareth is trying to be what you want, but you can't change what he is.  Neither can he.  He is fae royalty, he is always going to think of himself as king, you as queen, and everyone else as a possibly a pawn, in the right circumstances.  When has he ever been able to treat the cast as if they're his friends?  They're not, they've all been watching him to see when he'll break down and turn evil.  Heck, he confided in Erik and got his secrets leaked to Christine!  They are not friends, not even allies, and might cross the line into being his enemies.  Why should he care about them?  He only wants you.  You're the whole reason he's in this world, babe.

And yeah, that's borderline sociopathic.  It's not healthy, how fixated he is on you.  It's not healthy for HIM.  But you keep waffling.  Do you want him, and all he represents (including a crown of your own), or do you want a normal life?  Decide.  If you want him, work out a way to keep his evil tendencies under control.  Maybe get him to agree to give you veto power so he cannot do anything like erase someone's memories again without consulting you first.  According to mythology, fae can't break a bargain made with humans, so you'd have the moral brakes on him.

*ahem*  Sorry.  I love Sarah, and I recognize that any sane 21st century woman would run from a man who behaved like Jareth.  But he's not a man.  He's something else, and when you flirt with the supernatural, weird uncomfortable stuff happens.
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lilarcherHobbyist General Artist
Well said, I concur.
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maryfgr23Professional Filmographer
Welp all the tables have been flipped. I'm just glad it's out in the open. If we have to go back to the first entry in the entire GND comic, so be it. I have some faith that they will find a way out of this somehow. Looking forward to seeing how they do it. 

Thank god they got to 2nd base.
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MillieBeeHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh this page is heavy.  Jareth.  Jareth pls.  (And thank you for the fanservice butt at the end -- did lighten the mood somewhat, hehe.)
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"I am willing to mind-wipe your best friend to keep you in the dark about my intentions and I'd do even worse so as to not let you keep a safe distance from me!"


Not romantic.
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