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GND 270 - Two Space Losers inna bar

In which the Reverse Bechdel Test is failed, gleefully.

Jareth has no idea, really as to why the comic would pan over to him after that discussion - like there was ANY kind of topical segue there. Preposterous.

(Balem ordered the most expensive mixed drinks in the house, of course.)

So, an internet eon ago, AsheRhyder first had Erik and Jareth meet and drunkenly commiserate in a bar... I guess this is also the beginning of another beautiful messed-up friendship, and Rey and Jupiter get to be roommates, and there's a whole other building a few roads down from ours with a dysfunctional cast of space opera and sci-fi characters instead....?






This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles. Not mine, not making money from it.

Balem Abrasax [Jupiter Ascending] (c) WB, Wachowksi siblings, Eddie Redmayne
Kylo Ren [Star Wars] (c) Lucasfilms/Disney, Adam Driver

Jareth [Labyrinth] (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Bowie

Based on the original Roommates comic by *AsheRhyder
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So, Sarah might get to visit the SF neighbourhing building sometimes ? ;P

Jareth got me dry heaving 😆

My megalomaniacal (almost) rulers, swooning over their bamf love interests who thwarted them!!! So proud theyre making friends

Oh my god the goblin king at the end had me dying
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I'm doing (yet another) reread (because this comic always, always holds up and I find so much joy in that)– and this might just be my fave page, despite the fact that it has NOTHING to do with the main cast. Within the whole Villains Out Shopping trope I love it when they have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies that come to light– case in point, while debating World Domination and the Subjugation Of Entire Planets, Balem Abrasax still has this snobby LEGACY, "divinely chosen to rule" hang-up going for him. MILITARY FASCISTS, THAT'S JUST TACKY BRO. Ahhh god Jupiter Ascending and Eddie Redmayne's tits-out sequin gowns brought me so much joy! Would love to see Eponine run into this particular brand of her First Love all dolled up in navel-plunging Evil Space Lord leisure wear.
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I love your work. I only have one criticism and it's an pedantic grammar nazi thing.  The word is flouted expectations not flaunted. If you flout expectations you are showing them disregard; if you flaunt them you are like "Hey look at these expectations, only I have such great ones. don't you wish you had such amazing expectations like me?"
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ah good call thank you.
Love it! I've loved your work for years! Also, Frank Oz, George Lucas, and Jim Henson are involved in quite a bit of child/family oriented movies like Labyrinth, Star Wars, Strange Magic, and Dark Crystal that have some dark/light or villain/heroine ship involved.

Also, Eddie Redmayne auditioned for Kylo Ren and had to read some Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice--the original, "Girl with stupid eyes ruining my life." I wonder how Kylo would react to Jupiter being the reincarnation of Balem's mom!

Kylo: That's sick, bro.
Balem: Your own fiesty, peasant, brunette obsession looks like your grandmother Padme!
Kylo: Granny Paddy had a whole group of decoy handmaidens assigned because they looked like her. I'm pretty sure that one of the handmaidens is Rey's own grandmother. I'm leaning towards Sabe (played by Keria Knightley which further adds to the Pride and Prejudice connection).
Balem: Fine. But if you don't want to see disturbing oedipal films, then never watch Black Swan (Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman sex scene, enough said).

Is Persephone, Belle, and Elizabeth Bennett Darcy one of the founders and donors of the University? They were the originators of spoiled, moody bad boy/plucky, peasant good girl ship that we all love.
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I think I'm laughing harder at this in the light of The Last Jedi. Heee! Also, headcannon accepted re: Space Opera Roomies!
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Pretty much sums up every would-be Evil Overlord in fiction, really (and would probably mean ever so much more if I could be bothered to look up Jupiter Jones, since I had to read the comments to find out what was going on ;p)
[Also... ressource?]

In lieu of which... is it an optical illusion, or is there the faintest tint of flesh colouring used in all those grey-background panels?
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Oh lord, not more Jupiter Ascending...
I heavily endorse more Kylo, however.
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I thought your way of drawing Kylo is somehow strangely oddly reminiscent of something or someone...

... I pondered for quite a while, and then ...

LUCKY LUKE, angsty twen version
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hahahahahaha point.
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Rey does have amazing eyes doesn't she  :D (Big Grin) 

There would be nothing more epic than the three generations of the Skywalker family together one the same college campus - or in a one-time family therapy session, with at least half the members there under extreme protest. With you bending the laws of character ages and canon death, a young Anakin and Padme could finally meet and spend time with their twin kids, son-in-law, grandson, and maybe-hopefully-most-likely granddaughter. And maybe Finn too, with him there to give Rey emotional support (and Rey could have her first words with her maybe-hopefully-most-likely Dad, Luke). With so much love, guilt, hope, animosity, and awkwardness (especially with the old torture and attempted murders, and the current patricide elephant in the room) within the most culturally significant family ever, you could do so much angst and wish-fulfillment it not even fair :happybounce: 
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Speaking of mixed drinks, you'd think more bars would have heard of a 'Seaside Sunrise' by now.

I get them not having 'Spaghetti Western's as the drink consists of equal parts sarsaparilla and Root 100.
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these two are the PERFECT BFF's. DnD loving Balem with his space dragons and gothic industrial architecture, Kylo with his shiney automatons and Hot Topic sensibilites. They're just too great not to shash together. :D
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I don't say it enough, but your ability to capture the essence of a character is amazing. Not only do they resemble their face-actors, but they also just embody the character. I knew who they were immediately, even without the dialogue, and that's incredible artwork. :) 
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Shoulda said thankyou for that comment. :)
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Haha oh this is so wonderful!!!! :-) I love it! So much fun conversation, and then Jareth is the perfect end. I'm sure he doesn't want to be reminded of his losses, but at this point, he needs to own it.

Also, a spinoff for this would be awesome! :-)
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You end notes....  I'm picturing the building made out of Legos now.
After viewing the special features on the Force Awakens bonus DVD and hearing more about the dysfunctional nature of Han and Leia's marriage that's really only briefly hinted at in the movie proper, I've come to understand a little more about how Kylo could have interpreted his situation.
Separated/fighting parents, being "dumped" on Uncle Luke, throwing attention-seeking tantrums, and eventually falling for Snoke's sympathetic schtic: all are circumstances that could lead a young, emotionally immature, descendant of Anakin and his craziness to feel that he more identifies with his granddad than with his "weak" father who couldn't make his marriage work. I'm not saying that this makes him right, I'm just saying that I can see how he would come to be who he is.
So... yeah. Kylo Ren is pretty much another Joffrey Baratheon. Just older.


Gosh, I'm glad that little GOT shit's dead.

Delurking to thank you so much for GND, Pika.  I’m a long-time, die-hard villain/heroine shipper, old enough to have shipped Eve and Satan in the days when we handwrote fanfic in our diaries, and giggled over it in secret with our best friends.  Your thoughtful, feminist, and above all always funny exploration of the villain/heroine shipping dynamic keeps me coming back over and over again.

I love Reylo, and that it’s canon (yay, Foe Yay!).  The ship hate comparing it to Jessica/Kilgrave reminds me of so many other villain/heroine ship hatreds throughout the years (“Sarah/Jareth is abusive and pedophilic”).  On the non-villain ship side, I love Finn/Rey too, although their relationship is reminding me more of siblings!Luke/Leia so far.  I’d adore Finn/Poe. :-D

Kylo being mocked as “emo” or “Crylo” reminds me eerily of when young male characters (and real male people) were mocked as “sissies” for crying. :-(

Hi, Jareth!  [waves, relurks]
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
Man I almost feel defensive here - I am not properly getting aboard the dark ship Reylo...
But yeah, can't deny it pings some familiar and intriguing notes, and I certainly believe Kylo has all kinds of a confused crush on the bright-as-a-blade girl who wreaks destruction on him.

"Emo Kylo Ren" stuff is... ehh, I hear your point, he is allowed to be a sensitive and hurting character. OTOH, we have very little other than one line of Leia's about Snoke influencing him from a very young age, to make us quite commiserate with his struggles. So: he is a hale and [atypically]attractive young man from an obviously loving family, who has apparently made these deliberate decisions to become a villain, and inflict his inner turmoils on the world around him; and that vibes uncomfortably similar to the sort of entitled and narcissistic mentality that leads to privileged white dudes shooting up crowds, in our world. So people look askance at what is genuine suffering and what is selfish, violent petulance; and the latter gives rise to some cathartic bogeyman mocking.

whevs I'm sure you've been reading your meta commentary too: :)
Thanks for the delurk!
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