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GND 269 - Performing Arts cafeteria

In which there is an (off-stage!) tribute to the departed, in the adding of an Alan Rickman role to the university staff - not Snape but the long-suffering Sir Alexander Dane from the brilliant film Galaxy Quest, finally getting to Shakespeare to his heart's content. (Besides working on the rebooted TV show of course!)

Today's page comes complete with callbacks! and hints at who else is to be found at the Drama Club. "Penny" is an aspiring actress from a certain would-be geeky sitcom of wildly varying quality and characterization; you all know Pugsley and Wednesday Addams.... not mentioned in this comic are Dewey (Malcolm in the Middle) and Arya Stark - who understudies for everyone and likes the plays where kings get stabbed.

Adam Driver, bless your cartoon-friendly face, you lanky emo muppet you. I'm sure everyone welcomes the image of Kylo Ren all a-lurking and a Dark Side angst-ing in daft Elizabethan-era hose and doublet....?

(Apologies - this is not as polished as could be. But still a little squeezed for time these days.)






This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles. Not mine, not making money from it.

Erik [Phantom of the Opera] (c) Leroux and Webber
Sarah [Labyrinth] (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Connelly
Kylo Ren [Star Wars] (c) Lucasfilms/Disney, Adam Driver

Based on the original Roommates comic by *AsheRhyder
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Omg, this is just too much. As a huge Alan Rickman fan, Sir Alex kicking Kylo off stage is just the best thing ever! 😆🥰


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i LOVE that you are still here. this isnt my same account but i just want to let you know i have been here since middle school. im 20 and still a fan KEEP IT UP

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Best relationship in the GND series. There isn't enough scenes of them being coffee-buddies.

I wonder what it would be like if Sarah starts being very snarky or sarcastic about Erik's murderous/stalker-ish tendencies (I can only imagine how she'll react if she discovers the mannequin). I can see her adopting that attitude towards Erik's more questionable and less likable traits.
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Erik jumps to the same conclusion as the Pevensies, I think... but from a rather different perspective! ("Glam Menace" :D)

Oh yes, the Addams children would LOVE staging "Titus Andronicus" -- as realistically as possible :P
Not that caffeinated Erik has anything to do with wildly over-the-top happenings, of course....

Love the way the Opera Ghost is automatically categorising people by vocal type. And Alexander Dane... ah yes, he would really be enjoying himself at last. Or possibly not, given the Drama Club's attitude to Shakespeare ;p

"Investing the part" is applying it a bit too personally in this case, I take it?
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Having just been rereading GND88-97 I find that the echoes in the 'decaf' scene take on a whole new resonance!
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Oh god, Alan Rickman rejecting Kylo Ren as an actor.
By Grabthar's hammer, what a comic!
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By Grabthar's hammer, what a comic!
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Did you know Alan Rickman was a drama teacher in Oxford during the lean years before Die Hard?

(Discovered the series from a Pinterest link earlier this week and am devouring the back catalogue. Thank you for this work.)
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and hello and welcome. :)
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Sarah's little wave in the second panel is so FREAKING CUTE. 
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*Hugs*  nice stab at Star Wars there.... and via a Rickman persona even better.

the next Alice film is slated for the end of this month.  I'm excited and sad to see his last role.
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Love the tribute to Rickman! I thought he was great as Snape, but... I still think Snape was a jerkoff.  Sir Alexander Dane from Galaxy Quest was/is a brilliant idea. <3
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U know u should add another character, an original character of mine. Her name is Victoria Van Black. She's a half breed. Her mom is Mother Nature name Rose, her dad is Death. But unfortunately her mom died when Victoria was born & was raised by her single dad & her annoying grandmother.
Victoria gets sent to live in the apartment next to Sarah & Christine's room & becomes good friends with them. Then Victoria takes singing classes with Erik, but later falls in love with Erik, but is too shy to ask him out.
At night she goes to a club where she comes the mysterious singer, Midnight who wears a black mask to hide her identity, but also hunts down demons & carries lost souls to the afterlife as the next Death
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Thanks, but this comic is mostly for established fictional characters, not unfamiliar OCs. I'm going to be sticking to my own planned storylines.

However, if you have ideas for your character that would work well in the Building-'verse, you should write 'em and submit to the main fangroup here RoomatesFans - this is an open sandbox type world...
GypsyNatayla's avatar
Okay, thank u replying back to me:)
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Haaaa ha ha, only Kylo Ren would think himself gifted/emo/worthy enough to rewrite Shakespeare. XD

... and BASS-BARITONE, yaaaass!
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I know what Kylo soundsl like....but looking at him here, all I can hear is a whiny, nerdy 'my voice hasn't quite broken yet' sort of voice
*pours one out for Alan Rickman*  The mental image of that "wonderful bass-baritone" saying "reinterpretative poppycock" made my morning.

"lanky emo Muppet" *snerk*....Perfect!
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I concur. Took the *snerk* right outta my mouth XD
YAAAAS! Adam driver in Pantaloons yaaas! 
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I have reread everything! It is still great.
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