CLUCKTOBERFEST 2018 - temp pencils
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Iiiiiiit's Clucktoberfest!!
(and I cannot squeeze time for more than the pencils tonight, but the plan is to ink this as a half-assed Inktober participation)

Links back to previous years and the approximate chronology of events to be found starting here > CLUCKTOBERFEST 2017 by Pika-la-Cynique. I'll hyperlink stuff when I finalize the 2018 pic.

So, on Goblin Queen Sarah's smart advice, Jareth started the tradition of booze, bountiful royal handouts of chicken foodstuffs and blikkin piñata whackings in Goblin City, to celebrate/obfuscate the anniversary of the Glorius Chikin Revolushun.
It's been a couple of years now, and the Goblins have taken to the events like ducks to wet stuff, and the holiday is starting to mutate away from any original meaning, as intended. The piñatas are now lucky volunteers who have fallen into His Majesty's special favour, who hand out chicken nuggets to enthusiastic Goblins young and old - in a more or less orderly fashion since the whole piñata-whacking thing also happens if they get caught. Red socks and rubber gloves worn on the head are catching on. And to Jareth's everlasting glee, younger Goblins who did not witness the original event (and the veterans whose memories have gotten a bit hazy after lots of goblin ale) are becoming somewhat conditioned to want to chase and whack black chickens on sight on the vague promise of yummy rewards - which will be splendidly convenient should the Vicious Chicken of Bristol once more rallies its troops.

Cheers to all you lovelies who've been here through the years, and the blinking newbies.

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A-R-Welm|Professional Traditional Artist
As ever, your Clucktober creation is fantastic. 
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I'd still say the labyrinth should have a talk with the KFC: "get rid of our infestation and you can keep the meat, use it for the speshul recipies" (there's no way the goblins can eat all of that poultry anyway)
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So I have to ask how many fellow Labyrinth fans are also watching the "Hagglethorn Hollow" kickstarter with all that Johnny Fraser-Allen work.... because I want to check in with you. Doesn't the Wizard's Hut remind you, just a tad, of Augrah's observatory? I can't seem to shake the association.
(You fellow GND fans are the only ones I know who are almost certain to know who the heck that is. Especially after J's lovely curse, earlier.)
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Lixxle's avatar
Possibly my favorite holiday. ALL HAIL CLUCKTOBERFEST!
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SavannahCullen's avatar
Cheers! So happy to have lurked about and followed this for the past... 10 years or so? Goodness. So excited to see where we go next!
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Chepseh's avatar
"(...) and the holiday is starting to mutate away from any original meaning, as intended."

Boo. There should be some goblin conservatives with a Reason-for-this-season campaign.
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CaptMacLeod's avatar
I truly love your comic. The characters, the drama, the sudden appearance of Blikkins...And the birthing and growing process of new holidays. KEEP IT WEIRD!! <Massive amounts of fan-love>
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MantraFan's avatar
Ever considered incorporating some of the official stuff from the 'goblins of the labyrinth' spin-off books into your series? Such as goblin-knitting (and other goblin sports) or goblin laws?   The stuff that your versions of the goblins get up to fit brilliantly into that!
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CaptMacLeod's avatar
I'm not sure she needs to; the universe-building has been fantastic. Instead of taking others' ideas, Pika seems to like coming up with her own laws/rules/ramifications. I concur!
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Stridergirl13's avatar
Didn't think of it right away: sort of like Zwarte Piet as a black chikin, throwing nuggets instead of cookies and candy....
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anamberrose's avatar

See Jareth?  This is why you always listen to your wife Sarah!
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hoppytoad79's avatar
WHEEEEE!  YAY!  I love Clucktoberfest!
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Wynnifredd's avatar
This is so hilarious. It may just be pencils but every one of those little rascals has a distinct personality. Your talent and craft continually blow me away. 
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Socks?? They're allowed socks now??? My my the kingdom has grown... generous!
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Hey, it make sense to me.
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Kyouken0w0|Hobbyist General Artist
jeje nice work!
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dandamen's avatar
Out of my way! 😂😁
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Miniclio's avatar
Joyeux Clucktoberfest a toi !
Du coup j'ai envie de manger des nuggets...
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Nyxity|Hobbyist General Artist
Weird is great. :D
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amorfati1013's avatar
Your 'verse is my favourite of all the different labyrinth 'verses full stop.
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candlesandstars|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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GodlyJewel's avatar
Haha I was wondering when this was coming!
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CaseMayday|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL She predicted this level of insane mirth regarding a holiday that mocks the blikkens. XD
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