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Deviantart dinosaur. Creator of GND fancomic, chugging along since 2007.

Former animation student, freelance comic book artist, published in the french Bandes Dessinées industry. Occasional dabbler in illustration ('Between'), and commercial storyboard art. I can be found over on Ko-Fi if you'd like to tip your content creator, and have a Society6 account under the same handle.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Brian Froud, Arthur Rackham, Bill Watterson, Man Arenas, TracyJButler, Rumiko Takahashi....
Favourite Movies
Labyrinth! LotR, Miyazaki's stuff, Pan's Labyrinth, Dark City, Hot Fuzz, HTTYD, Holy Grail
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Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Amazing Devil, Chvrches, Voltaire, The Killers, Imogen Heap, Bowie, Lady Gaga, Maria Mena...
Favourite Games
(watching other people play) PORTAL
Tools of the Trade
mechanical pencil, watercolours, Wacom Intuos3 tablet, PSCS2

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Have finished Good Omens Season 2 - and my very first thought was 'What's the Girls Next Door Reaction going to be??'

making sure you're aware of this kickstarter

Hi Pika, long-time fan here. Do you have any courses on Patreon or Domestika, or any other platforms? After years of binging on GND and other comics online I'm thinking of getting Serious about it... trained as a fine artist but wanting to channel some of those creative energies towards fan and original comics, illustrating children's books, etc. Any tips would be super, super appreciated! Sending all my best wishes, you are such a huge inspiration <3

Hi. Have you read/heard of the official comic Labyrinth: Coronation? It's more or less about baby Jareth being wished away by his father and how his mother tries to rescue him from the Owl King. It's 12 issues and super cheap on Amazon Kindle. I'd say it's a successful addition to canon Labyrinth, but I'd guess its target audience is tweens so manage expectations accordingly.

Was scrolling around and got a recommendation on another site to read Between (which I'm buying pay day :)) and was looking at the art and knew 100% it was yours even before I actually looked to confirm. I've been on DA for 17yrs at this point and I absolutely love your GND and just your style in general ❤️ Seeing it again after a bit I'll probably have to re read GND just for fun (and because I know I'm a little behind 🤣) thank you for all the fabulous work you do!

Every 2 years or so, I log back into deviantart and binge catch up on GND, and every time it fills me with joy. I'm so glad you're still making it!

Well hey. Thanks for saying so. Though I am sorry to suspect than an entire 2 years back catalog catch up probably amounts to but a handful of pages these days...