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Tiina Hesselbäck
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
<bisexual cis woman>

My upper grade school's art teacher, Marko Palojärvi, said "Better an inflammation in your hand and a good piece of art than no pain and a piece of sh*t." (something awesome like that)

Commissions!Updated 22th August 2018: Lower prices because summer heat is bai bai and kids started school and preschool, and adjusted some other parts of the journal as well! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
I'm OPEN for commissions.
I am mainly asked to do TF commissions, but if you want something else, that is completely plausible as well. :happybounce:
First thing first: I send WIPs, and I'm doing commissions by the order I receive notes. That includes replies as well.
Secondly: All prices include fees and are an initial estimate because I simply don't have one style, unfortunately.
Thirdly: Payment with Paypal invoice I send to you.
Fourthly: I'm a mother of three kids. They are my priority, your commission comes next and it will take time, even more if it's something I can work on only when kids aren't stalking my display behind my back!
When you sen

I do art for myself. I take my time doing it since I don't have a hurry to show it to others. But I do like doing art for others too! :D

Welcome to my current fandom, but one day I'll stop drawing them and move to another fandom. (Past fandoms: Anime stuff like Naruto or Bleach, Elfquest ect.)

I can be: nice. helpful. awkward. annoying. an asshole. silent. weird. helpful. sarcastic. happy. ect. but it all depends on you.

I mainly draw fan art and fan characters.

I do RP. (third person past tense style)

I don't understand the Llama business.

If you want higher chances that I'll reply to your comment, leave something I can actually reply to.

Don't watch me back for the sake of gratitude.

If I comment your works, don't feel obliged to return the favor. :)


If I Watch you, you can ask me why I did that.
If I UnWatch you, you can ask me why I did that, too.
You'll get an honest answer.
I stumbled upon this lil gem and I do recommend you to take a look and try it out!!!

---->  Transformers OC Creator (Text Generator) by Rainewhisper <----

One important aspect of creating is NOT to add too much. A bit of this, and a little bit of that is a very good start. Let character develop their personality and relationships through stories, not brainstorming every little detail right off the bat that'll leave no space for character development!

"But I'm scared if I create a Mary Sue!"

The more you add, the more likely your character will become one. Sure a flaw here and there is good, but if they are full of them just for the fear of being a Mary Sue, you better start chopping off the most extreme ones. Not every character has to be the most tormented, most suffering psychopath in existence. The opposite is true too; not every character has to be the most holy godly saint of goody-good-doer.

Think of examples like Ironman / Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He wants to do the right thing, he wants to protect his loved ones. He has the riches and intelligence to do so, but yet he suffers from depression and the fear of losing his loved ones. I look at you Pepper Potts! In the start he was this egoistic womanizer who didn't care who bought the weaponry he built!

Then comes another example; Batman. I've read many times how people say Batman is a Mary Sue. He's rich, he's intelligent, and basically has no flaws other than being a human. But that doesn't mean he's able to save every suffering human being either! And definitely not alone. Being alone was how he started, and he has gained a lot of comrades through struggles of this and that. He's not such a loner anymore. He might be still rich and have all the fancy toys, but he has gotten better at taking others into consideration. This is from the movie perspective again since I don't read the comics. My apologies.

Optimus Prime started as an iconic hero and the leader of the Autobots, who seemed to have no flaws and always won over the Decepticons. At least so was in the G1 cartoon. Occasionally the old comics depicted him as so virtuous that it backfired on the character, making him do a suicide when he lost a game due to his opponent cheating just because they had made a deal like that. Of course, being Optimus Prime, he comes back. This far, in every franchise, Optimus dies and comes back, so that's like the best character to get attached to if one fears of losing them! :D Anyway, the newer the series is, the more flaws Optimus has. Just look at Animated; he's inexperienced outside of military training. In Prime he isn't able to foresee everything and in the start he wasn't thinking of human customs with the three kids until they said they couldn't stay at the base forever. And to borrow Ratchet's words; "You've grown soft", unable to actually kill his enemies unless they were meant for cannonfodder. (Poor Vehicons!) Not to mention IDW's comic continuity where Optimus is in the middle of chaos, trying his best, yet he's not able to please everyone, and not everyone wants him there in the first place. 

I could list a ton more characters, but those three are just examples of how they've started; Simple and with a solid base.

tldr; keep it simple at start. 


I think I'm back to art business! :love: Even if my left wrist for the moment (starting just yesterday) is quite wasted to the point I have to use wrist support. Luckily it isn't my right wrist! I still need to take it easy until the pain is gone. Murphy's law is so my non-wanted best friend. :V Without doing much art-wise for more than half a year, of course my wrist decides to go bonkers when I'm inspired to art. Another thing is, the latest piece I have been working for a few weeks now, so good thing this whole wrist thing happened now, and not earlier! :XD:  And that piece was a test to myself to see if I'm able to do art, how my brain works with it, and if I could keep up with a deadline. 

Anyway, I have one commission to do that's my ultimate priority since it's been on my to-do list for a year now soon thanks to ALL THE THINGS happening in my life. When that's done, and wrist says "I'm healed yay" I'll be opening commissions again. :D
I haven't been very active here in DA, or anywhere else when it comes to art. I have soon 1k messages here to be cleaned/replied/seen/commented and I just can't find the energy to do it. I've gotten a lot of very nice comments, and people have drawn art for me, and I appreciate it so much it hurts! I just currently have no way to show that appreciation than writing this update. Thank you everyone, thank you! :heart:

I'm on a slow road to recovery, piece by piece, trying to find my inner peace. :')


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