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Cold at Four
Is there a technical term for a harp maker?
If there isn't, it's you, as a body, that canine
Your name doesn't
ring right but it's what you do with it that counts:
I tumbled around it and never said it at the correct second, like the
cuboid-skulled choirgirl a note behind, loud and disgusting. A faulty
reanimation. A
blind semibreve.
The banal usurping of my bookish tongue
came on quick.
I'm very sorry.
Everything scratched backwards and now my spine streams
from my throat, cursive handwriting.
Scored in your scalp:
the clicking of toes, falling asleep in the hands of metal men,
forgotten criminality, barbed wire telephones -.
you look like so many faces -
for all I know you don't exist except in broken chairs.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 4 0
The Maritodespotic Path
I am naked beneath my coat of armour.
I woke and thought it was the sickness
I'd had before - my lips had never burned
so smugly.
The ghost of your dog came to me
last night, while I dreamed;
it burst into grey dust and
told me my bulimic piano solos were beautiful.
Dancing under the pregnant sky,
a waning gibbous belly crowned
with violet cloth,
I converse with the moon -
deep, dark French.
I love to speak
to hunted rabbits
and unlit trees.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 3 0
My belletrist, little hunched cardigan-drenched
finch, he says, Mess, blooded with French shores and burned cakes,
don't you come to my hand anymore,
crying poppies from sallow ducts, my tiny soil-saviour?
Towel-lipped mare
- he touches his own ass-ears with his spiked teeth
and pets me 'til I'm salmon, sunset -
Sleep in my bed, stocky moth,
cease your painting, beetle queen, queenly slut,
turned frizzy in the process of sharpening the sea,
mouth your watercolours and hose down the wall
- I am ill of him, his eating
makes me a murderer -
Newborn kettle-coffee throws a kiss
and our son climbs my sullen thighs;
I doubt we will fall out of love,
the spiders we are.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 3 0
Burnished head consecrating
tarnished thighs in the hot tongues of unborn
sighs – candle-fingered, the light is bleeding into
Prince of stares in the semi-seeing night,
when you are certain as arrows –
you will never catch me.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 6 0
The Woods
They were shaped like humans, humans with rat-tail hair or weeping willow spines or long hungry feet, and they danced around her, carried on her fearful imagination. She could taste their wicked delight and she cried, paralysed as they fed upon the chilled currents of winter walks. The little wolves spun up her ankles and took on her thighs; nothing left unexplored for them or her, a vicious loving in the trees. She met the thick loam with her knees and stayed upright, her hollowed body becoming the only memory anyone might ever have of her.
These are the woods where the children come to die. These are the shadows where grey-faced sleep waits, never speaking, never turning.  The children fall into the grim peace and no one can follow their red toes into the shroud.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 3 0
Mature content
Consumption :iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 5 2
Vulva Song
The curtains are never drawn in the spare room.
Why aren't you coming, why aren't you sitting on the edge of the bath keeping watch right through me?
I feel the carpet and soak up every silent look, store them under my toenails, and I miss you. You exploded,
the bees in the lavender bush are all that's left of you.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 3 6
Articulated Points
One year after I met you -
Ill, stricken, your chocolate orange lies
castling across my joints,
I break – concave dandelion, seeds
splashing under my gambling shoes.
One year, one month -
They may lay their hides over your favourite
city garden walks, might leave hopeful lip prints
on the glass in your sturdy museum holidays, spit
love-letter typefaces down their ankles or hum in the grey
cold to stay awake for surgery,
and I will coagulate with my dresses,
not collectible.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 3 1
We waltz through the happy grass,
whittling kisses, lips berry-bright,
and safe in one another; our song of breath and loose
hair, of cheesecloth, cardboard boxes, earthworms,
quiet as our eyes.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 3 4
In Amongst the Weeping Grass
Sirs, you are the only ones who think you have the right to crouch amongst chalk and broken stems, and recite seven heavy syllables to the swell of the iron sea.
You alone possess the arrogance with which to bruise the grass that frosts the brows of hills, so that you might stand and talk to stone walls, coaxing well-combed, honey-tongued men from within with warnings not to become like you.
You do not swallow clouds of lime-scent coiling from the peel of fruits, close your eyes against the perfume, connect. You resent and fester.
You organise your wars, requesting only that we give you soldiers, and you paint flowers several shades too bright. You mock us in both instances.
Seated under trees laden with years and flaking skin, you charm yourselves with watercolour
notions: a mother's creased, soap-scoured hand shielding your untroubled forehead against the sun.
Your Ignorance
sits now, stagnant, further than your spilled ink could
Perhaps it's lost altogether, along with the ske
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 2 2
Lady Ninety
I love you
damp formal greetings sickened our
work, an idiot-grin turnstile -
your dyslexic clothes smile awkwardly
when drinking –
red wine, as though you aren't sure of yourself, and
every spelling mistake, crows' laughs, exploded and drunk, your silent pleas
plea please don't drag them out for prizes
for, what? Not tapping a code on your flesh or
ringing the Notre Dame in your smooth bones?
Happy first birthday, right angle girl.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 1 1
Lonely Children
They were gone. He was alone.
He had loved her obsessively since she first began to talk to him, using strange, soft sounds that he could not comprehend. With her help, he learned her language in painfully slow, short bursts; the first lessons were light, uncomplicated, filled with rewards of hard sweet biscuit each time he managed to copy vowel sounds. They were easy for him. All he had to do was to watch the a, the e and the i o u tumble from her mouth and catch them with his own. Gradually his imitations became less hesitant. Soon he could say her name. It became his greatest happiness.
Whenever he watched her during their lessons, he would wonder whether his face resembled hers. In all probability, he sadly concluded, it did not. She would not have screamed so hysterically on first seeing him if it did.
He learned that she, Miranda, was beautiful, that he, Caliban, was savage but clever.  She was teacher, he was pupil, but pupil s
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 29 32
Breakfasting, No One Awake
My hotel kitchen, where the
personal rejections have hidden  -
I tile the floor with caring forks,
greasy with sleep,
and never forget to wipe my feet.
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 1 1
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