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Nick/Judy Zootopia Fanart

By Pihguinolog
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A fast fanart of that unbelievable couple) 
I really fell in love with them! They are so cute, adorable and fresh(their relationships so amazing and full of unexpected turns)/ That's why you couldn't ignore them it take a huge place in your heart/

The cartoon of the year in my opinion!
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A truly wonderful piece of work, so befitting of them :heart:

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May I use this image for a cover of my story?  It is called Zootopia: Dark Requiem.  It would mean a lot to me.

I have put this in the disclaimer: The Cover Image belongs to deviantart's Pihguinolog.  All rights of ownership of said image belongs to this artist.

I have also put it (currently) as the title image for the story, but I will remove it if you send me a pm (or reply here) and ask me to not use it.

Here is my author profile:

I sincerely hope you accept as the picture is beautiful.

When I uploaded the image, it cut off the left part of the picture, so unfortunately the name is not on the actual cover, and the bouquet of carrots was also cut off (sadly), but art is still there.
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I do not mind if you are using it. Handshake 
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Awesome thanks, btw check out the story if you are interested, chapter one is uploaded
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Они действительно классная пара, такие друзья, наверное, раз в жизни встречаются)
Отличный рисунок!
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Да,полностью с тобой согласна.
Я действительно влюбилась в этот пейринг) 
и большое спасибо за хорошую оценку))
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Is that a carrot bouquet of carrots Nick has for Judy? ;)
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Remarkably respectably realistic.
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Ah, a day at cork for them. This piece deserves more views. :)
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Don't you mean work?
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Whoops, I done goofed, ROFL XD

Ah, a day at work for them. This piece deserves more views. :) (Smile)

Fixed. ;)
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When i saw deadpool in febuary i thought ok one of the best comedys in years and then came Zootopia and became the best western animated since Up i love it.
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