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Rose Friends by PigXChloe Rose Friends by PigXChloe
Here is order of Rose Friends:
1. Max Rose
He is strongest and cool one, he trying to beat up Pumpkin Rose for the quarrel. He was involved by Jonathan Rose, she healed Pumpkin's arm, he scratched her arm. She was crying.
2. Pumpkin Rose
She is the smartest little one, when she was beaten, Jon/Lucy Rose will held her in the medic room. Max Rose punched her cheek, she was crying. She was timid, she was intimidated. The growth spurt was she is little but she will be big.
3. Jonathan Rose
She was a cute princess of female counterpart of Jon. She loves spicy food, she was a medic.
She is twin sister of Lucy, Ella, and Pumpkin Rose. If Jon help Pumpkin from Max, she heals the wounds of Pumpkin. 
4. Lucy Rose
She is a calm one, she was a reader and she is a heavy sleeper. She committed to stabbing yourself. That does she have a knife in the grip. She was nice an kind.
5. Ella Rose
The peppy one likes to doing gardening, but she is dating Max Rose.
She is too young to date Max Rose, he punched the stomach.
She was reacted to she is crazy to knocked out.

Do you like the friends, huh?
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