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Lucy (Female Counterpart of Luigi) by PigXChloe Lucy (Female Counterpart of Luigi) by PigXChloe
alexeigribanov, I made a female counterpart of Luigi!

Name: Lucy
Side: Mario's Side
Gender: Female
First appearance: New Super Luigi Wii U/New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Latest appearance: Mario Kart 8/8: Deluxe (Wii U and Switch)/Super Mario Odyssey (Ally) 

Lucy, Luigi's niece helps Luigi to rescue Peach from Bowser and his Koopalings, she is new friend in the Mushroom Kingdom,  when she was a teenager, she completed Toad Town University diploma, The Mario Brothers hired Lucy to a hero for she will save Peach.
Her personality, same for Luigi or Daisy with Peach. She is kind, she wasn't a cowardly girl, she is brave girl in the world.

But she is absent in past games, she makes a appearance for New Super Mario Bros. Wii/DS, she is an helper in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Lucy was trapped in World 2, but you need to save Lucy to play Lucy, a unlockable character. She had a color palette: White/Green (Fire) Light Blue/White (Ice).
She makes a helper in the opening scene. She is held in Desert World, she was rescued in World 2-6. Then, she was trapped again in World 5. She is held in Jungle World, she was rescued in World 5-4. She needs to help Mario and Luigi by reaching World 7. She is in World 7-Castle. She exits in World 7, she's now in World 8. The pursuit over the emergency, she says she want to go to Peach's Castle, the Mario Brothers agreed Lucy, she was glad leaved to the Bowser's Castle. Then, Bowser and his Koopalings was beaten by the Mario Brothers. Mario and Luigi was happy, Peach says to thank you, Lucy fixed the birthday cake, the group will ready to eat cake.
Lucy was trapped with Peach, she was saved in World 5, Lucy makes a appearance of minigame on Lucy's Wood Cutter. You need to chop the wood, if the enemies hit Lucy, she is shocked, she just act like Kirby getting hitted from Kirby Star Allies.

Mario Kart Wii:
Bio: Test out Lucy's superb traction with the agility of a dirt bike!
Size: Medium
Actual Bonuses
Speed: 4/6
Acceleration: 3/6
Handling: 4/6

Standard Kart: Same for Luigi/Baby Luigi
Classic Dragster: White body, green stripes and hub caps
Wild Wing: Green with dark blue stripes, blue stripe down the middle, dark blue fenders, sliver exhaust system, cyan headlamps, yellow seat accents
Super Blooper: White Blooper, green stripes, dark blue wheels and green underside
Daytripper: Green and white, gray back
Sprinter: White and dark green
Standard Bike: Same for Luigi/Baby Luigi
Mach Bike: Green upper-half and windshield, black lower-half
Sugarscoot: White body, green star-shaped front, handlebars and wheel covering, two blue spots at the back, brown seat
Zip Zip: Dark-green with white stripes and dark-blue tires
Sneakster: Dark-green with dark blue tires
Dolphin Dasher: Blue body with black tires

Winning/Losing Poses:

Winning (Kart)
1st: Yay! I won!
2nd: All right, not bad!
3rd: Yippee, number three!
4th: All righty!
5th: *giggles* Oh, hi!

Winning (Bike)
1st: Woohoo! Number one!
2nd: All righty!
3rd: Cross the heart, It's me!
4th: Well played! Woo!
5th: *giggles* Hi!

Losing (Kart)
6th: Awwww! I lost!
7th: *cries* Waaa! I lost again!
8th: Oh, dear...
9th: Dang it...
10th: Why...
11th: Awww man...
12th: ...

Losing (Bike)
6th: Awwww! I lost!
7th: Come on!
8th: Hmph!
9th: Oh boy...
10th: Just lost...
11th: Ugh...
12th: Why not...

Mario & Sonic at Sochi 2014 Olympic Games:

She can't wear the winter outfit, she wear a scarf. 

Bio: "Luigi's niece Lucy ready to first Olympic game, she makes a first appearance!"

Type: Speed 
Speed: 3/6
Power: 5/6
Stamina: 6/6
Skill: 4/6

Rival: Luigi

Mario & Sonic at Rio 2016 Olympic Games

She is a special guest in BMX.

Bio: "Luigi's niece Lucy learned to ride in the event BMX."

Mario Side: Place 2nd or higher if Lucy is 1st, you win! (Lucy's Outfit/Costume)

Rival: Luigi/Wave

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

She makes a first appearance but the girl named Penny, now Penny was cut in the game, the final version for Lucy is now a ally of Mario and Luigi

Bio: "Luigi held Lucy in she will be safe from the darkness of world."

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

She was a ally, but she is not cut in the game. 

Bio: "Lucy is now a writer, she writes about the dangerous of world!"
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