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Watercolor Arrow

By pigmonkey2
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this is a mod of moonwatcher's watercolor [link] replaced the orb with a 2D arrow. and replaced some of the colors.
All the icons are taken from
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How to download?
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why i not have download buttons
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can u please tell me that how to get this theme to work? cuz it's not being shown in my themes in the properties!! help
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It doesn't look like on the image for me.
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What icon pack are you using (form ?
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What kind of icon pack are you using?
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I like it, but it is a bit pointless for me because I keep the taskbar on the top of my screen. :(
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can u give me link for icons download..??
i need it for my sister
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wow..... nice theme.....
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And how can i scale up the quick lunch icon? like you do.
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Can you tell me how to change hard drive icon and DVD drive icon...
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Thanks a lot for your help ! I've changed some of the settings using Tahoma 10 to Tahoma 8 and now everything is fine . Thanks for this great theme , this is how windows classic should look like ;)
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Sorry for double post . Also where i can get the wallpaper? Thanks again :)
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This a great visual style . Added to favourites :)

My only suggestion would if it is possible to use smaller fonts on menus , like the normal size that is used in windows . The big size of fonts feels like out of place .

Is there anyway i could do it by myself ?

Apart from that , this is a great theme , love the arrow and the colors :)
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Thanks a lot!

I don't think I've used larger font sizes anywhere. But I think you can change all the font sizes in: Display Properties-->Advanced Appearance.

You can find the wallpaper by googling "OSX tiger wallpaper".
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i like this one much more than the original :)

you changed icons for some applications too
ex. eMule, uTorrent, firefox, etc
what patch did you use for that?

i'm just curious about... what application is for the icon with red circle with the white angle inside? and the icon up to this one? and the left-down at quickstart? and the middle-down at the quickstart?

excuse my curiosity, i'm just obsessed about finding useful applications :P just ask what you want to ask

thanks in advance
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Thanks ;) glad you like it!

The red icon is the driver for my sound card (M-Audio), and the icon above it is O&O Defrag. left down (the blue and orange squares) is the VMware Icon.

I didn't use any patch for that, there might be an easier way to do it, but I looked up how to change each program's icon, for example:

Most of the icons I changed were shortcuts.

Hope it helps.
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ncie i like it
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look good, but, you have the icons for download?? :D in adviance thanks
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Got the icons. But now how do I change them.
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