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Gimp Flame Swirl Brushes

Another brush pack. There are five animated brushes in this one. I may submit their individual frames in a separate package later, once I'm not feeling so lazy.

I advise you adjust the spacing on them a bit, they're good for smudging if you turn it down to 1. They also can make some cool effects if you mess around with the brush dynamics.

I'm always interested in seeing how people use these, so feel free to post a link to what you made with them in the comments!

Smudge Brushes:
Pack 1:
Pack 2:

Flame Fractal Brushes:
Pack 1:
Pack 2: (You are here)
Pack 3:

Credit is appreciated, but not required. You may use these brushes wherever you want, however you want, on whatever you want. Just don't redistribute the brushes themselves.
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thank you! love the brushes :)

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Gave you credit anyway. Used them here: Amanda's Dream Sequence

Great brushes! Thanks.
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I love brushes like these thank you
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Hey there!
I'm kinda new at gimp, and I was wondering how I could use these brushes?
Thank you~
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Sorry for the late response. I don't log in as much as I used to. You have to drag and drop the brushes in your brush folder, which should be located in some place like this: C:\Users\Owner\.gimp-2.8\brushes
Generally, you can just search for "Brushes" on your computer and the folder should be one of the first results.

Hope that helps! Of course, you may have figured it out already. :P
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Used your awesome brushes here: [link] Thanks!
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Love ur credit rules, YOU ROCK !!

^.~ u rock ma socks!!
Ill show u a link of ma masterpiece with them later <33
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I used your awesome brushes for waves here:[link]
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Cool, I like it! =D
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Well thx for the compliment and the bruhes :)
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Thankyou very much, these are really good! :D used here: [link]
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You're welcome and thanks! It looks really nice!
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Would you mind if I used the brushes in a tutorial? I've been asked how I do my 'light horse' thingies. I could feature some of your other brushes in the comments aswell if you wanted? :]
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Sure, go ahead! =D
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