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Gimp Flame Brush Pack

A pack of seven different animated brushes for Gimp. I hope they're useful.

I advise changing the brush dynamics and spacing when you use them. They can add so pretty cool effects if you do. Try erasing with them too, they can add cool textures and stuff.

I'm always interested in seeing how people use these, so feel free to post a link to what you made with them in the comments!

Smudge Brushes:
Pack 1:
Pack 2:

Flame Fractal Brushes:
Pack 1:
Pack 2:
Pack 3: (You are here)

Credit is appreciated, but not required. You may use these brushes wherever you want, however you want, on whatever you want. Just don't redistribute the brushes themselves.
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Thank you so much!

Thanking you

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These are awesome! Used them today, I'm so glad I found them!
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Commenting so I don't lose this page. Crediting your fire brushes. Thank you!
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Thanks man ! someday i will use these brushes ;)
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Man Ive been looking for good GIMP stuff for like....forever...awesome stuff!
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Thank you so much!
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Thanks a Lot :-) when used i'll give feed back

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these will work awesomly in what i am making now thank you for making them
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Hello! I used this here :) [link]
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Nice brushes REALLY nice! :) if i use i will link ya back to what i have done! :)
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Used your brushes here (:

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you have awesomely utalized Flames. I shall use these and your name will be known for their creation! XD
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may i use this for a pic of mine? i promise to give you credit for the gimp Brush.
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Of course, go ahead!
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thank you so much
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Thank you!! <3 I still don't know what I'll use them for, but I'm sure I will. Great job.
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