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Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid OC

By Pigliiicorn
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Posted a vocaloid OC challenge in my Discord as I'm so excited about the latest Hatsune Miku game making it to the West! Here is the result of my entry! She doesn't have a name. Name her for me? :P

Timelapse available here:


Webtoon Short Story Contest Entry - 2nd Episode out now:


ferrugineum fabric border h 1 ferrugineum fabric border h 1 
If you'd like to help me improve and see more fanart of your favourite characters (as well as brushes, tutorials, videos, step by step & more) please consider sending Ferrero Rockers (Kofi)


Some other links:
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She's really pretty, nice work !

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She looks cute~

For some reasons I'd see her with a name around these lines :

- (聞声愛歌) Aika Monjou

- Manai Phillips (Manai = 万愛)

- Dandelion

- (相神りた) Rita Aikami

- (咲賀パンジー) Pansy Sakiga

- (上咲歌) Sakiga Noboru

- (三瀬川紅子) Akako Sasegawa

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She is so cute!! I love this work ♥

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She looks super pretty! And there's a Hatsune Miku game coming out? Haven't heard about it, but hopefully it's good!

As for names, maybe Cheryl? Idk, I'm feeling something that starts with a "C"

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It's been out in Japan for a while but yes! It's got over 100 tracks :O when you said Cheryl I thought Cherry! If not for a name then it's her favourite fruit!?

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Oh, cool! I'm sure it'll be really cool! And yeah, that's kinda where I got the name from :P But I wasn't sure if Cherry would work for a name, so I said Cheryl. But i'm sure whatever you choose will be great! ^^

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She's very cute! It's always great to see a well done OC.

Maybe you can name her Chiaki or Airi? Just two names that come to mind.

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